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Meetings are the lifeblood of a business. They keep all aspects of the company and team up to date, energized, and efficient. With COVID pushing many companies to virtual work, the classic in-person meetings have gone virtual. Apps like Google Meet and Zoom meeting are now used by nearly everyone, no matter the industry. 

While many may assume virtual meetings are less impactful and effective than their in-person counterparts, that is not the case. Virtual meetings can be just as if not more effective than in-person meetings. They allow for anyone to attend, no matter their physical location. In-person meetings have the built in limitation of needing everyone to be in the same place. This means that many team members are often left out. But with virtual meetings, this is not the case. 

Because of how important virtual meetings have become, there is a focus on which is the best app for meeting. Like most things though, best is subjective. The best will vary from person to person depending on their specific needs. Someone who plans to host a 300 participants meeting is going to have different needs than someone looking for meeting apps free. 

When looking for meeting apps, remember to consider your needs. The app that you choose needs to handle everything you have planned. Write a list of everything you need out of it, such as number of attendees or customization features, and compare that to the offerings of the apps. Also, be sure to try out and demo a meeting app before deciding on it. Functionality and usability is everything regarding apps. Use the different features, have a mock meeting, and see if the app is one you like. This will help you be sure that you choose the best meeting app for you.

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Best Online Meeting Platforms

Like meeting apps, online meeting platforms are an essential part of business in the modern age. They enable teams to meet freely from anywhere in the world, share documents quickly, and much more. Without meeting platforms, remote work would not be possible. This means that there is a lot of focus on the best online meeting platforms. However, finding the best platform for you can be difficult. 

There are a plethora of options available, which makes choosing one difficult. Wading through this sea of platforms can feel overwhelming. To make it easier, ask yourself questions about what you are looking for. Do you need online meeting platforms free? Do you need to host hundreds of participants? Do you want something that integrates with other software? Asking questions like these will help you figure out exactly what you need out of a platform.

From here, compare these needs to the offerings of the platforms. This will allow you to quickly see which ones provide what you need. One thing to remember though is that you get what you pay for. While free online meeting apps and platforms can be tempting, they often lack features and have technical issues. They can still be an option for many, but their downsides are worth keeping in mind.

Despite this, there is one online meeting platform that stands out among the rest. Filo is one of the most capable and well made meeting platforms on the market today. They have a wide range of features, such as document sharing, chat, and customizable rooms, that will guarantee your needs are met. They also integrate with popular software like Zoom, allowing you to keep using the programs you are familiar with. On top of that, Filo offers great support when technical issues arise, so prolonged technical delays should be a thing of the past. When looking for an online meeting platform, be sure to consider Filo.

Video Conferencing Tools Examples

Video conferencing tools are all of the tools and technology that enable video conferencing. Due to the digital nature of work in 2022, video conferencing tools are a critical part of any business. Video conferencing tools examples include things like webcams, Google Meet Online, Zoom, microphones, and much more. Because these tools are so important and used so frequently, it is important to find the best ones for you.

You may have questions like, “is zoom the best video conferencing app?” Or, “what is the best video conference app free?” These questions are common and asked by almost everyone at some point. However, the answers are not very simple. What is the best will change from person to person depending on their needs. Zoom is a great choice for many, but it has limitations that make it unusable for others, such as their attendee limits. Which video conferencing platforms are best will be different if you are looking for free options. All of this means that you have to carefully consider all of your needs before making any decisions.

It is also important to be familiar with what is on the market. You cannot make an informed decision if you do not know about the various offerings available. Spend some time reviewing all of the popular available options. Look at their feature lists, demo them out, talk to a company representative, etc. This will help you get a better understanding of what the options are and what they all offer. If you are knowledgeable and experienced with all the platforms, you will be able to make a better decision about which is best for you.

Another good idea is to see what your competitors are using. It can give you valuable insight into what works and doesn’t. You may find out that the platform they’re using is inefficient, which could give you an advantage if you choose a better one. You may find out that the platform they’re using is incredible and want to use it yourself. Either way, there is knowledge to be gained by checking up on your competitors.

Video Conferencing Apps

Video conferencing apps are one of the most important video conferencing tools for businesses. These apps are how users will actually access and use the video conferencing platform, so the app has a big impact on the end result. A poorly designed app negates great software. 

It is worth noting that there are different types of video conferencing. These range from one-on-one meetings to webinars with thousands of guests. While they are all similar, the type of video conferencing you plan on will impact your choice of app. Some apps cannot host more than a hundred attendees, which would disqualify them for those planning webinars. Keep this in mind while looking for video conferencing apps.

So what is the best video conferencing app? Is it the Google Meet app? The Zoom app? Well, this is subjective like most things. It will depend entirely on your specific needs and circumstances. Since this was mentioned previously, let’s focus on what makes video conferencing apps different from other software. When choosing an app, it is even more important to try it out. The app is what you will be using on a daily basis, so it is important that it works well and that you are comfortable with it. Spend some time using the options you are most interested in, that way you can see first hand whether or not it is a good choice for you. This will help you make a better decision in the long run. 

Best Video Conference Software

As discussed previously, best is a very subjective thing. This is especially true in regards to video conferencing software. Everyone has different needs and circumstances that will impact what they need out of their software. The best video conferencing app for one company may not even be a usable option for another. An online list might say a certain app is the best group video call app, but it might be a platform you cannot even use because of limitations. This means that you will have to figure out for yourself which options are the best for you.

This process can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Take note of everything you want out of your software. Whether you need Zoom integration, the ability to host hundreds of attendees, or customizable rooms, write a list of everything you need the software to do. From there, compare that list to the available options. This will allow you to more quickly narrow down which opens work for you. From there, try out and demo the options that seem to suit you best. This will allow you to make an informed decision and choose the best software for you.

That said, Filo is a video conferencing software that can meet the needs of nearly anyone. They are uniquely suited for engaging and exciting virtual meetings. From virtual onboarding and kickoffs to one-on-one meetings and large conferences, Filo is ready to handle your video conferencing needs. Their platform is filled with incredibly useful features that will make your meetings a breeze. If you are looking for video conferencing software, remember to keep Filo in mind.