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Online meetings are now commonplace in the business world thanks to the effects of COVID-19, and with digital meetings comes meeting software. Meeting software is what will enable your meetings to take place, and it will be where your meetings actually happen. It is the digital equivalent of the room your meeting is, the table you sit at, etc. This means that just like your office space, you need to carefully consider what video conferencing platforms you would like to use. There is a large selection of meeting software to choose from. While having lots of options is great, it can also make it difficult to find the best meeting software.

For example, here are a few video conferencing software examples: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Filo, Google Meet, and Webex. Those examples only scratch the surface of the available options. There are also free online meeting apps, and many of those services listed offer free versions. This means that you first will have to figure out if you want a paid or free service. Most professionals would recommend a paid service simply because they have more features. Free services are often limited, lack features, and cannot accommodate large numbers of attendees, making them a dealbreaker for most businesses. No matter which option you choose, always make sure to do ample research. A thorough search for the best software for you can save you lots of time later on.

Despite all the options available, there are still a few that stand out among the rest. Filo is currently one of the best virtual meeting applications available. They have a long list of robust features, ample customization options, integration with software like Zoom, and so much more. Their software is uniquely prepared for internal meetings that inspire and connect. When looking for the best meeting software for virtual meetings, be sure to keep Filo in mind.

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Online Meetings

As previously mentioned, online meetings are more common now than ever before. Many even believe that virtual meetings are better than their in-person counterparts. All this focus on online meetings has led many to search for free group meeting apps, online meeting platforms free, and more. While all this Googling can seem productive, it often isn’t. If you are just looking at pages and pages of options, it is easy to lose focus. This means lost time, which is not good. To avoid this, learn how to narrow down your search.

Let’s say you need to host an online meeting more than 100 participants free. The first step is to figure out which platforms have a free option. This will eliminate all the paid options from your search. Then, you need to figure out how many people they can accommodate. Not all platforms can accommodate more than 100 people, let alone free. Zoom, one of the most popular options, can only host up to 100 people on their free version. So for someone who needs to host more than 100 participants for free, Zoom will not be an option. Once you know which free platforms can host 100 attendees, then you can begin analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

At this point, closely look at the features of each option. Do they have a good chat feature? Can you easily share documents? Can you screen share? Do you even need any of those features for your meeting? Asking questions like these will help you figure out which is capable of doing everything you need. Another way of figuring out which is best is by looking at reviews. It sounds simple, but reviews can be a valuable resource. Seeing what others who have used the platform have to say about it can give you insight necessary to make the best decision possible. By using their knowledge, you can make a more informed decision about what software fits your needs best, as well as ensuring the company actually provides what it says.

Types Of Video Conferencing

There are multiple different types of video conferencing. While it is easy to think that they are all the same, this is a mistake. One one one video conferencing is very different from large all hands on deck meetings. What you need for a successful one on one virtual meeting is going to differ from what you need for a successful large meeting. This means that you will have to take a careful look at all the video conferencing options available.

Choosing the best video conferencing app is a difficult decision. Because there are so many options and factors to consider, it can be hard to narrow down your search. The best free video conferencing options are going to be different than the best paid options. The best option for large meetings is likely going to be different than the best option for one on one meetings. This all complicates the process. However, if you take note of all the things you need out of the platform and compare that to what each one offers, it is possible to narrow down the search more quickly. 

That said, Filo is always a great choice when it comes to adding video conferencing seamlessly into virtual events/meetings. Between their incredibly reliable and intuitive app, their incredible list of features, and their direct integration with industry giants like Zoom, Filo is capable of meeting nearly any virtual meeting need. While many options force you to pick and choose over features, Filo provides you them all so you never need to compromise. If in the market for video conferencing software, remember to look into what Filo has to offer.

Video Conferencing Tools

Video conferencing tools are all the things you will use to conduct a video conference. This includes things like video conferencing apps, video conferencing software, webcams, microphones, computers, etc. These tools enable your meeting to occur and be successful, which means they are very influential. With the wrong tools, your meetings can be confusing, inefficient, distracted, and unsuccessful. But with the right tools, you can have meetings that are focused, exciting, engaging, and valuable. Even the smallest of things can have a huge impact. For example, think of how important a good microphone and internet connection is. Everyone has struggled through a phone call where the person is losing connection. Now imagine that in a very important 50 person meeting. You do not want to be struggling to hear what people are saying. But this can all be avoided with a good microphone and consistent internet connection. These small details are essential in ensuring your meetings go smoothly. Improving your audio quality could be the difference between a great meeting and a lousy one. 

One of the most important video conferencing tools is video conferencing software. Without it, your meetings have nowhere to take place. Choosing good video conferencing software is essential in ensuring your meetings are great. However, choosing good video conferencing software can be difficult. When looking at a video conferencing software list, it is easy to see why; there are dozens upon dozens of options. Each of these pieces of software has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are free, some are paid. Some can host hundreds of guests, some can host a dozen. All of these things will factor into your decision. The easiest way to figure out which is best for you is to write down all the things you need out of your software. Take note of how many attendees you need to accommodate, what software integration you need, what customization options you want, etc. This will help you narrow down your search and find the best option for your specific needs. 

Best Online Meeting Platforms

As with most things, the best online meeting platforms is a very subjective topic. What is best for one organization may not even be an option for another. Since all businesses are unique and have their own unique needs, what each one needs out of an online meeting platform is different. There are also different platforms suited for specific uses, so the best platform can depend on whether or not you need it for a specific use. An example of this are those who need a free option. The best free online meeting platforms are going to be very different than the best paid platforms. Same for the best virtual meeting platforms for large groups. This means that the best online meeting platforms will vary greatly depending on your organization and its needs. 

At the same time, there is one option that stands out as a leader in the market. Filo’s well built and well designed platform allows for easy video conferencing. They have a lot of incredible features such as a very functional chat, easy document sharing, wide-ranging customization, integration with leading software like Zoom, and more. From company town halls and conferences to reframing internal QBRs and one-on-one meetings, Filo is ready to help you with all your online meeting needs. And with a variety of pricing options that allow you to pay for what you need, Filo is sure to be a good fit. No matter your organization’s needs, remember to consider Filo when looking for online meeting platforms and software.