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Who doesn’t love a great event? Events have long been an essential part of work. A well-done event can energize, inspire, educate, connect, and so much more. However, with the increasingly digital nature of work, events have largely become virtual. While you might think virtual events would pale in comparison to in-person events, this is not the case. That said, there are many different things to consider when it comes to virtual events.

For example, you need a virtual events platform to put on a virtual event. The virtual platform is what will actually allow your meeting to happen. It is where your event will take place. Virtual platforms typically include everything you need to run a virtual event, from video conferencing and document sharing to games and activities.

Another consideration is whether or not you want your event to be entirely virtual. Many businesses have had success with hybrid events that take advantage of both in-person and virtual mediums. These hybrid events will require a hybrid event platform. Thankfully, many event platforms are capable of hosting both. 

Either way, you need a great event platform for your events to be successful. Finding the best virtual event platforms is critical. Choosing the wrong platform can have serious detrimental impacts. It could end up making your event a failure, waste time, and waste money, all of which are incredibly valuable. On the other hand, a great platform can take your event to the next level, motivate your team, and make you more successful in the long run. It is hard to overestimate the importance of a good event platform.

The importance of these platforms has led to a big discussion about which are the best virtual event platforms 2022. However, like most things, best is subjective. What is perfect for one circumstance might not even be an option for another. Your specific circumstances and needs are going to determine which platform is best for you. Just be sure to do thorough research before making a decision.

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Virtual Events

Again, virtual events for work have become an integral part of business in the digital age. Nearly every successful business is putting on virtual events of some kind, and it’s because they work. These events can give you and your team a leg up on your competitors. It is important to take advantage of what virtual events have to offer. 

Putting on a virtual event however is easier said than done. There are a lot of things to plan for and consider when putting together a virtual event. One must send invitations, come up with virtual events ideas, plan activities, make presentations, arrange for guest speakers, guide discussions, deal with technical issues, and so much more. Every single aspect of the event has to be carefully considered to ensure that the event is as successful as it can be. 

A great way to get started planning virtual events 2021 is to look at resources online. There are tons of guides, tips, and templates available online that can help you come up with ideas and get inspired. These resources typically come from industry experts and leaders, so you’ll be getting great advice that can help your events go well. Don’t feel bad about taking ideas from others either. There’s nothing wrong with taking advice from the best around, so use the resources you have available.

One last thing to consider is the importance of breaks in your event. It can seem like a waste of time, but breaks will ultimately make your meeting more efficient. Screen fatigue is something most people deal with, and it can easily set in during a long event. Adding in some breaks and fun activities can help break up the monotony and keep the audience engaged. This will make your meeting more effective in the end. 

Event Management Platforms

Another important part of running a virtual event are event management platforms. These platforms allow you to easily and efficiently manage your events. They are absolutely critical to a well-run and successful virtual event. They enable the management of your events. Things like planning activities, communicating with others, and more are common virtual event platform features that allow your events to be great. 

Many businesses find success with an online event management company. These companies typically provide a more all-in-one type offering. They usually handle most aspects of the event from planning and invitations to the software and hardware necessary for the event. Event management companies can be a great option, especially for those who are short on time or are inexperienced and are planning an incredibly important event.

There are also virtual conference platforms, another important piece of technology to consider for your event. Conference platforms focus on video conferencing, when multiple people are meeting together virtually over video. Virtual conference platforms are often built into other virtual event offerings, though you can typically opt for a separate option as well. There are tons of options, so finding which are the best virtual conference platforms for you can be difficult. And as previously mentioned, best is subjective and will depend on your specific needs.

That said, there is one platform that stands out among the other virtual platforms. Filo is one of the most capable and well-built platforms available for virtual events. They have an extensive selection of features that can help your events succeed, such as a robust chat feature, easy document sharing, room decoration, and more. Filo also integrates with popular software offerings like Zoom, making setting up your events even easier. And since Filo is capable of handling nearly any event you have in mind, they are one of the best current offerings in the virtual event space. When looking for virtual event and event management software, be sure to consider what Filo has to offer.

Best Event Platforms

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of event platforms, and deciding which are the best event platforms is a very personal and subjective thing. However, it is possible to narrow down the search and see what options have the most to offer. A great way to start is by looking at a list of virtual platforms. This can help you see what is available on the market. Check the platforms out, see what features they have, try a demo, etc. This can also help you figure out what you do and don’t want, which is valuable to know. 

From there, try looking at lists of the best virtual event platforms 2021. This will help you see what the top offerings are. These platforms are typically considered the best because of their popularity and effectiveness, so see what they have to offer. There’s a good chance that one of the most popular options is perfect for you. Just be sure to do a thorough analysis before making any big decisions. 

After that, consider your needs. Do you need a virtual party platform? Do you need to host hundreds of people? Do you want to have interactive events? What sort of activities and games do you have planned? Questions like these will help you figure out exactly what your needs are. By having a solid list of what capabilities you need, you can more quickly narrow down the search and see what options are possible for you. You will also make a better choice in the end if you know exactly what you need and want from a platform. As always though, do an analysis and be sure of your choice before you make a decision. 

Virtual Platforms For Meetings

To plan a virtual event, you have to have meetings. Having meetings means you need virtual platforms for meetings. As the name suggests, these platforms are specifically designed for virtual meetings and allow them to happen. Remember not to confuse them with virtual networking platforms, which are different from virtual meeting platforms. In 2022, most people have some experience with a virtual meeting platform. Whether it be Zoom, GoogleTeams, Filo, or some other option, virtual meetings are incredibly common. 

Again, you should do research before choosing a virtual meeting platform. A bad platform can make your meetings messy, filled with technical issues, and ineffective. This can be avoided by choosing a great platform from the start. While you might think most meetings require the same things, this is not the case. The platform that is best for you will change depending on your needs. If you want to be able to show virtual events examples during your meeting, you will need a meeting platform capable of that. If you want to have 100 people in your meeting, you need a platform that is capable. These considerations will all factor into your choice of meeting platform. 

As far as the meetings themselves are concerned, remember to follow virtual meeting best practices. Best practices are developed by industry leaders and experts to ensure virtual meetings go well, so follow them. They will help your meetings be as effective as possible, which will make your virtual event stronger in the end.