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A reality that many businesses have to face now, is work moving online and towards remote options. Because of this, many business operations that typically occur offline, must now find a way to exist and be as effective (if not more so) online. This is especially true for important business events that often utilized the in-person setting to maximum benefit. Events like Customer Advisory Boards, that allowed a company to make a strong impression on guests during their visit. But as more operations and events move to a virtual setting, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the prestige or effectiveness. Utilizing internal event software to organize your business events can help make these virtual experiences as engaging as traditional ones.

The goal of event management software is to make virtual business events as immersive and interactive of an experience as traditional offline events. One benefit of events in a physical location is that you can personalize the space to your liking. Event software attempts to function similarly and make your virtual space as flexible for your event needs as a physical one could be and possibly even more. This is why it is important to find an event software package that enables you to host interactive business events for your initiatives. Filo offers great insight into how corporate event management software can best be utilized to maximize your business potential.

While your comfort may lie in traditional business event planning, do not let your inexperience or unfamiliarity with virtual events minimize your potential. Even for those with more experience, there is always the opportunity to make your event offerings more engaging. So for assistance in hosting the best virtual events for your business, consider a partner like Filo, whose internal event software can provide for inspiring and engaging events.

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Event Management Tools

So, when planning out your online business events, you should make sure that you find the event management tools that best suit your needs. Depending on what type of event you are planning to host, research what the best way to approach a virtual event is for you. For some guidance on event planning tools and techniques, let's discuss what you should look for from your event management tools:

  • Going beyond “just another Zoom call”: Zoom is, by all means, a functional way to enable communication remotely, but for your significant business events, you are going to want to make your attendees feel like it is more than just their average video call. Traditional in-person events have the advantage of garnering prestige and providing an atmosphere, so you are going to want to find event management tools that provide a sense of immersion and interactivity.
  • Focus on accessibility: Moving your business events to a virtual space will involve the use of technology, and therefore the experience may be a lot less intuitive than the traditional experience would be. In this case, making sure that your virtual event management software is simple to grasp is key for making sure your eventgoers experience little hassle and confusion. The experience will already be quite different for some, so making the process a struggle to maneuver around would only leave an even worse impression.

Preparing your event management system project will be an important step in maximizing the potential of your initiatives. It may seem like the task of making these virtual events as successful and engaging as traditional ones is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. This is an opportunity to explore a new medium and utilize it to its fullest advantage. Filo offers a great example of how to run an event like a virtual Executive Briefing Center (EBC), and how to make it effective and engaging. With thoughtful research and prep time, the right event management tools should be able to bring out the maximum potential of your virtual event ideas.

What Is Event Management Software

For some people, before they can even consider a virtual event, they still have the question: what is event management software? Event management software is essentially a software package that enables the comprehensive hosting of virtual events so that once a plan is put into place for your business event, the event management software can work with you to create an immersive environment with features that allow for communication and interactivity. This may come in the form of an event management app or other software packages, but their goals should be on providing a platform for a business to make the most of their virtual event ideas.

The best free event planning apps may provide some level of assistance with your event needs, but they will always be limited and will involve more work on your end to make the most of them. For undertakings as important as EBCs or Customer Advisory Boards (CABs), you will want to make the most of these opportunities, so taking the cheapest or quickest route is not always the best option. You wouldn’t skimp on a physical location, or an event planner, or the furnishings and offerings in your event, and you should approach event management software the same way. Event management software should provide for your virtual environment, atmosphere, and capabilities, so it should be approached with the same sincerity.

To put it plainly, the best event management app will be one that satisfies the unique needs of your event and even inspires and enables you to expand upon them. One event software offering that provides for an engaging experience comes from Filo, providing the capability for businesses to conduct a wide variety of events like project kickoffs, CABs, and even webinars.

Online Event Software

In the pursuit of effective online event software, you should ask what are the capabilities you are seeking from them, and how they can best work for you and vice versa. In a traditional business event, you may be limited by the physical limitations of the space you are occupying; similarly, you will be limited by the capabilities of the event software you choose as well. This is why it is important to determine what your needs are for your unique business events, and how an online event management software can best fit them.

Some online event software offerings will be limited in their scope and only provide for particular use cases for an event. Your research for your event management software should cover the scope of what their capabilities are. Try to see their use cases and what they purport to provide. What may be the best event management software for small business cases, may fall short of the needs of the best event management software for nonprofits.

Filo provides insight into many different scenarios and use-cases for their event management software on their site. Interested in hosting a webinar and curious about what the virtual space can add to the experience? Check out some tips Filo provides on executing a successful webinar. Wondering how to make the EBC process a success when hosted virtually? Filo has an extensive guide on the process. Curious about how Customer Advisory Boards can maintain interactivity on a virtual platform? Consider the insight provided by Filo on how to keep the experience engaging.

Online Event Management

Online event management has seen an increase in significance since the onset of the pandemic and will only become more relevant as time goes on and remote work becomes more and more commonplace. Businesses must still find a way to host their important business events, and so they must adapt and explore the reality of virtual alternatives. To help this process along, businesses should be prepared to seek out an online event management system that can rival and even surpass the offerings of their traditional business events. Let’s cover some ideas to help your research process when looking for online event management tools.

  • Identify your unique business needs: Consider what events your business will be hosting and search for software solutions that can fulfill these needs. Some product offerings may be masterful in conducting seminars but fall short in other categories. General reports of success are promising but look for success in fields relevant to your business needs. Filo has experience with many different event formats and understands the procedure and needs of many different types of events.
  • Solidify a plan and see which product can execute on it: Create a plan for your event, through personally generated ideas or by using a free event planning template, and understand what you seek to accomplish with your upcoming event. Then, once you find different product offerings, see which ones can maximize your ideas and perhaps even improve upon them. You shouldn’t have to limit or minimize your ideas, and you should be seeking to maximize the potential of these important business events.

So, what is the best event management tool? The answer will not be the same for every business, but it shouldn’t be an impossible question either. Remote work and virtual business initiatives have been gaining steam and should only ramp up from here. With patient consideration of your needs, you should be able to find the right fit for your business. Filo can prove to be an excellent fit for many businesses, as their expertise and offerings show lots of versatility and adaptability, and they have useful insight on how to maximize the potential of your business events.