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Virtual internal events have increased drastically since 2020. Why? The outbreak of COVID-19 forced everyone to work remotely, and virtual meetings became one of the best solutions to get the job done.

The pandemic raised the popularity of virtual events since no one wants to have external events risks.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a corporate meeting with a client or an internal meeting with an employee. Every person is shying away from having face-to-face meetings. Everyone has shifted the attention to online meetings

The virtual meetings have provided an alternative for companies, industries, and entrepreneurs to keep their businesses on toes at the comfort of their homes. So, any entity can have their employees committed to virtual meetings, discussing and sharing ideas. Internal event staff’s meeting can go on and the business as usual. 

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Why Internal Events Are Successful 

When you evaluate internal vs external events, you’ll find that internal events are more successful during this pandemic. Why? Companies work remotely to ensure that clients get the best products and still have the same impact as face-to-face meetings. 

Why do you think virtual internal events have been successful throughout this pandemic period? Many will say it’s because no one wants to be at risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus! The answer is correct, but there are other notable benefits of virtual events.  These benefits include;

Time-saving–no wastage of time to schedule the meetings in a certain place.

You don’t have to incur logical costs that are associated with the meetings.

One can record a virtual meeting for reference.

More convenient for employees to engage with clients from different locations and get immediate feedback.

The only problem affecting virtual meetings is the lack of full commitment and distractions during long sessions that surpass 30minutes.  This is a challenge affecting many people to keep their attendees hooked up to the agenda of the meeting without getting bored. Moreover, there have been challenges in providing an excellent virtual platform that can join a team through virtual meetings.

To ensure that the meetings are fun, audible, and productive, Filo has created a virtual platform to help online events be successful. Filo provides a solid and reliable virtual platform where a distributed team comes together and solves problems more effectively. The platform promotes a suitable remote work mode; by providing quality videos and audio. These are the basic things that make a virtual meeting lively and successful. 

What Is Internal Events?

What Is Internal Events? It is a communication held among participants from the same organization. Mostly these meetings have been held virtually since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Virtual internal events are now the most convenient way an organization or a company can have successful remote meetings. In the recent past, people had a notion that face-face meetings were livelier and more successful. But this is not true.

With the creation of a platform like Filo, a leader or a manager can share ideas through collaborative sessions and multi-track presentation sessions. These sessions are engaging and have the same impact as in-person meetings.

The Difference Between Internal Events and External Events

The only difference here is the audience. Internal events majorly focus on meetings from within an organization. These can be the daily agenda and objectives of the company. The meetings involve only the members of the firm, and no external people are involved.

Examples Of Internal Events Include Orientation of The New Employees, products/services updates, and distribution of duties within the facility. The list is endless here. But it’s all about any business meetings that don’t concern outside parties. In these internal events, the central focus is to keep the employees updated and share any updates or complaints.

On the other end, external events involve meetings from people outside the organization. These events are primarily held in person, especially when there is a delivery of a product. The focus here is the broader audience that concerns the entity, directly or indirectly.

Looking for external events examples? These events include meetings with new clients, cooperate leaders, and an appointment with a supplier. These are to mention a few. These external events mainly focus on people who don’t work within the same organization.

Internal Events Examples

Every event is different from the others.  As a leader, you should know how to put everything in order before arranging any event. Virtual Internal events are essential since they help the company to build teamwork.  When there is good teamwork, the goal of the company is reachable. 

So, everyone should understand that a meeting can have a positive or negative impact on the organization. Some of the internal events that are sensitive for the company include; new brands orientation, hiring a new manager, and initiation of new company rules or regulations. If there is a misunderstanding, the company will incur some losses.

Entertainment Ideas for Events

When there is poor communication, the organization will start to have some hick-ups. The meeting creator must know how to engage colleagues or employees.  So how do you engage everyone through virtual internal events? Make the meetings informative and fun. How? Have logical entertainment ideas for events.

One of these entertainment ideas is the use of visual arts. Visual arts such as paintings, flow charts, and diagrams help to keep the audience engaged. In addition, you can manipulate other entertainment ideas such as audience interaction or comical presentation. Anything that entertains your audience is vital to keep them close and attentive to the meeting. 

Social Event Ideas for Communities

Creating a brand sensitization can be challenging, especially when you have new employees on board. However, through virtual internal events, you can make the employees work effectively to market the company’s product or services. 

However, if you want to reach more audiences and impact your brand awareness, you can have social events for the community. The strategy will help the company create a bond with the target audience through these events.

These social event ideas for communities include fringe festivals, comedy nights, live bands, fashion Gala, Quiz, scavenger hunt, and film screening. You can use these events to engage more with your target audience.

Internal Events Ideas

When you have internal events, you want to make everyone a part of the meeting. No one will pay attention to a boring speech. So how do you make everyone a part of the event? Create events ideas that will blow their mind away. Here are some of the internal event’s ideas that can keep the audience in touch with the topic or plan

Augmented Reality

When you have virtual internal events and want to create a memorable presentation, use augmented reality. So how does this work? First, make a presentation look like a computer game with something authentic and stunning.

This can be achieved by recording keynotes in 3D while giving a 3D tour to your presentation. With this type of idea, your team will be attached and understand better.

Elevator Pitching

Elevator Pitching is one of the creative event ideas that makes the audience part of the event. Instead of having one speaker, this idea gives multiple people to do the presentation. A typical elevator pitch takes 30 seconds. The 30 seconds helps the people to provide the essential information. 

Silent Conferences

The idea allows only the creator to talk and everyone else to stay silent in their headphones. It’s one of the unique event ideas that help the creator give a lot of information without overwhelming the listeners. In addition, it’s a great idea of time-saving. 

Knowledge Cafe

With Knowledge café, an event host can obtain information through attendees without even providing something new. So how does this work? The host of the meeting starts with a short presentation giving all the background information. Then the host poses an open-ended question. So, attendees can answer or give their thought on the matters. This is one of the creative event ideas that helps identify how the team thinks about specific company issues.

Best Corporate Events

The aim of corporate events, both internal and external, is to create brand awareness and reach more audiences. The audience may turn to be royal or regular clients. So, in these events, employees must be in line with the company’s goals. When employees are committed and dedicated to the company’s success, any target is achievable. Here are corporate events that are vital for the success of a company

Team Building Events

External events in business allow for teams to come together in a central location; this can also happen virtually. Team building is one of the best corporate events that help to boost employee morale and confidence. In addition, these events allow employees to come together and share ideas essential for the company.

Product Lunch Event

Before an official product launch to the customer or the media, a company hosts product recap events with employees. It’s one of the best internal company events that enlighten employees.  So, an employee can answer any questions from the customer appropriately.

Appreciation Events

Appreciation events can focus on clients/ community or hardworking employees. Through appreciation events, both clients and employees can have an awareness of the company’s brand. One of the company event ideas focuses on creating mutual benefits for all people that make an organization successful. 


Internal events are critical to a successful business organization. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people started working remotely. The major problem that people encountered was finding a credible platform to help the teamwork together. 

That’s why Filo chipped in to save the online meetings. At Filo, we help your team to collaborate and solve any problems through quality videos and audios. Join us for the best experience.