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Sales teams work best when the emphasis is put on the “team” aspect. A group of individuals with poor communication and few connections that lack a shared motivation will not function well as a team. A well-functioning sales team is one that has frequent and effective communication and shared goals that motivate all members to put forth their best effort. An important way to establish and maintain this team atmosphere is to host sales meetings.

A sales meeting is simply defined as a meeting with members of a sales team. This is an opportunity for all members to feel connected and valued, and to keep track of progress. Allowing the focus to move away from solely individual performance and having the bigger team picture take center stage is a good way to ensure that all sales team members are aware of the goals for the business. It can be difficult to manage these meetings though, as gathering all members in one convenient place, at a time that is advantageous for everyone is a big ask. With remote work becoming a more prevalent option, the task can become even more difficult, so how do we address this? Hosting a remote sales meeting is an effective way to communicate your goals for your sales team in a virtual environment.

A remote sales meeting utilizes a virtual space, allowing members to participate even in a more widely distributed team. No need to coordinate travel time when everyone has a remote option to connect. This may be an area of inexperience for some businesses though, as the virtual space can be something not explored by traditional business settings, so this article will help provide some guidance. Keep reading and visit Filo to learn more about different types of sales meetings, what to say in a sales meeting, and tips on how to address your business’ unique sales meeting motivation. We want to ensure that you can host the best sales meeting ever, so we will provide useful insight into the remote sales meeting process.

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How To Conduct A Sales Meeting

A sales meeting is a crucial time for sales teams to keep track of production and unite all members towards their team goals. Using this time to its utmost potential will ensure that your sales team moves forward informed, encouraged, and engaged. So, wondering how to conduct a sales meeting most effectively? Let’s share some key tips that may assist your team.

  • Be informative: This sales meeting time must manage to be educational for all members. New sales strategies, goals, or technological advances are useful to cover here. An especially helpful advantage of hosting a remote sales meeting is that you can do things like host professional speakers or other workshops that might be more difficult to gather everyone for in more distributed teams.
  • Embrace technology: Remote sales meetings offer many opportunities for customization and personalization. Utilize these to your fullest advantage and make your virtual workspace one that is comforting and welcoming to your sales team.
  • Emphasize networking: For many sales teams, members may be located far away from one another and so communication may not be as fluid or frequent. Allow the opportunity for sales team members to network and communicate with each other during these remote sales meetings. They will have opportunities to discuss with members they may not otherwise regularly communicate with.
  • Stick to a schedule: Whether you are organizing a weekly sales meeting agenda or a monthly sales meeting agenda, you must be on time with your activities. Going off script and veering too far away from planned and set times can make your sales team members feel less engaged and your meeting may begin to wander too far off-topic. Be precise with your sales meeting agenda and try your best to have an efficient and productive plan.

These are some good general tips for how to conduct a remote sales meeting for your team but remember to specify and address the unique needs of your sales team. Remember to ask yourself, “what is the purpose of a sales meeting for my team?”, and work from there to address your unique business scenario. A weekly sales meeting template could be a useful resource for figuring out what to cover in your next meeting, and for further insight on what topics you address, consider visiting Filo for remote sales meeting suggestions and assistance.

Sales Meeting Topics

To make the most of such an important initiative, what are relevant things that you can cover in your sales meeting? Sales meeting topics can be difficult to think up on your own and finding the best choice can often become quite an involved and particular process. We’ll provide some ideas for sales topics that may help you find that creative spark for your next sales meeting:

  • Review performance from a big client: Address what went right and how you can further improve for next time.
  • Analyze your biggest competitors: How does their performance challenge yours, and how can you get an edge on them moving forward.
  • Introduce new products: Host in-depth discussion of new product offerings, provide virtual demos, and ensure that your team fully understands the finer details of your product line.
  • Educate on the sales process: Discuss things like how to prepare for cold calls and other strategies for improving sales performance.
  • Discuss the buyer: How can your team more effectively address the needs of your buyers, and accurately identify new prospects.

Considering these options when formatting your own sales meeting may help with determining what your focus needs to be. An important note as well is that your needs may change on a meeting-to-meeting basis. For instance, annual sales meeting topics may differ from weekly sales meeting topics, as you are addressing a greater period of time. So, when the time comes to decide on your next sales meeting topics, think about what types of sales meetings you will be hosting; whether that be one-on-one sales meetings, forecast meetings, or board meetings. Prepare so that you can adapt accordingly.

For further ideas on sales meetings topics, consider doing more research into trends and developments in your own and related fields. Remote sales meetings also allow for more unique opportunities, so explore what new limits you can reach with a virtual workspace. Virtual group workshops or inviting an expert speaker in your field to do a presentation to your remote sales team are possibilities that can take your remote sales meetings to the next level. Filo is a great option to consider when exploring how remote sales meetings can be expertly run.

Sales Meeting Agenda

Your sales meeting agenda can be quite flexible to cover any number of topics that you may have to face. The most important thing when setting up any sales meeting agenda is that you are organized and efficient. If you are keen to research further and find sales meeting agenda examples for yourself, they should seek to accomplish some key things:

  • Be motivational: Your sales meeting agenda should include opportunities to motivate your team to improve their performance. Celebrate individual and team success, and acknowledge a job well done.
  • Address issues: It is important to celebrate success and discuss shortcomings. When problems can be identified they can be tackled as a team.
  • Share Insight: Cover new industry trends and research. Discuss new sales strategies and address what knowledge can be gained from previous sales data so that your team may move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding.
  • Manage Expectations: Establish what your team is working towards and what the greatest areas of improvement are. Sharing this information simultaneously in a remote sales meeting allows team members to feel united towards a common goal.

Whichever way you decide to set up your sales strategy meeting agenda, it is useful to consider these guiding tips. Filo offers some further insight into how your remote sales meetings can be utilized to improve sales calls as well. A remote sales meeting allows for a lot of flexibility, but there are always some overarching ideas that a team should cover. 

Fun Sales Meeting Ideas

While it is important to note the need for efficiency in sales meetings, that doesn’t mean that there is no room to make them fun for your team! Fun sales meetings ideas are also useful for creating an opportunity for your sales team to be engaged with a team mentality. Let’s discuss some creative ways to engage your team here.

  • Show and Tell: Include an opportunity for your sales team members to share their own experiences and what they have used to improve their sales performance. It can be quite engaging for team members to share their personal experiences like books they have read, speakers they follow, or videos that have helped inform them on their field. This activity is educational and motivational, making all team members feel like valued individuals while contributing to the overall sense of a team environment.
  • Role-Playing: One fun option that your team could try is sales role-playing. Have members take the position of either a sales lead or a customer and create scenarios that have them interact and demonstrate how a sales rep can proceed in different scenarios. Activities like this engage members of the team and provide insight into different scenarios that some team members may not have come across before that may help them with dealing with a customer later. This can be especially relevant for remote sales meetings, as members who do not frequently interact in person can network and engage with their team members.

When deciding on the best way to organize your sales meetings, look for those out of the box sales meeting ideas that will excite your team and make them eager to participate. Filo offers insight for motivational sales meetings ideas, and how you can level up your remote sales meetings. For further sales huddle ideas, think about the individual personalities of your team members, and how you can best accommodate the group with activities that can make everyone feel welcome.