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Sales kickoff software is an essential part of doing business in the digital age. Kickoffs can make or break your upcoming product launch, sales initiative, etc. Hosting an exciting and engaging kickoff can give you the edge you need to beat out the competition. 

As expected, sales kickoff (SKO) software is integral to the success of virtual sales kick offs. The software is what will allow the kickoff to happen. From document sharing to virtual meetings, sales kickoff software enables every aspect of your kickoffs to happen. This means that the software you use can have a huge impact on how your meeting. 

However, choosing sales kickoff software can be difficult. With so many options available, narrowing it down is not easy. And with so many different things to consider, it is overwhelming. For example, you must consider the possible sales themes for 2022. You do not want to end up using a theme and ideas that will not work with your software. This is a recipe for a messy and disorganized meeting. 

You also must consider how many attendees there will be. Many platforms can only accommodate a small number of people, while others can host hundreds or even thousands. If you have a small team, this may not be a concern. But a sales kickoff software that can only host 20 people is a deal breaker for most businesses. 

Lastly, you need to consider what you want to do during the sales kickoff. Do you want a guest performer? An interactive game? Group discussions? Whatever you have planned will factor into your choice of software. The software you choose needs to be capable of handling your plans. Again, if it is not, the meeting can quickly become chaotic, disorganized, and ultimately be unsuccessful. 

All that said, narrowing down your choices is easier if you keep those considerations in mind. By looking at your demands and the software’s capability, you can quickly figure out which options may work best for you. Also remember to try the software out first. By looking at video demos, having a test meeting, and using the software, you will be able to make a more informed decision. If all goes well, you can have a SKO 2022 that engages, excites, and motivates your team to do their best.

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Sales Kick Off

So what exactly is a sales kick off? Simply put, a sales kick off event is an event held to rally your team around a common goal of some sort. They are typically held yearly and are focused around the year’s prospects and ambitions. 

They also help boost morale and inspire the team, which are benefits not to be overlooked. A team that is happy and excited about work is going to do a better job than one that is not. Boosting morale is a huge aspect of a sales kick off. 

A commonly used abbreviation is SKO meaning sales kick off. Just know that when you see SKO, it means the same thing as sales kick off. 

It is also worth noting that not all kickoffs are sales kickoffs. There are many different types of kickoffs that are common. There are revenue kickoffs that are focused on aligning revenue teams around a goal or initiative. There are also GTM kickoffs, meaning go-to-market kickoff. These are similar to other kick offs, but they focus on go-to-market teams and initiatives instead. 

No matter the type of kickoff, they all generally have the same goal—to unite a team around a specific initiative. By hosting a sales kick off that excites and inspires your team, you can help them do better and be more successful. 

Virtual Kick Off Meaning

While sales kickoffs were usually in person, they have now shifted to the digital space. With COVID-19 causing many businesses to go virtual, their kickoffs have followed. These kickoffs are now virtual kick-off meaning they take place entirely in a digital space. While this may seem less than ideal, there are actually advantages to having an online kick-off.

You have more freedom and flexibility with a virtual kick off meaning that you have less constraints. In a physical kickoff, you need a real-life location. If you rent one, which is common, you only have the space for so long. Real-life spaces are also only so large, meaning you may be limited in who can attend.

With a virtual kick-off, neither of these issues is a concern. Good software can host hundreds of people, so you can invite whoever you want. And by going virtual, you also remove the time constraint that comes with renting a physical space. Your online kickoff could be longer, take place over multiple days, and still cost less than a physical kickoff.

Sales Kick Off Ideas

You cannot have a sale kick off without sales kick off ideas. Virtual sales kickoff ideas are the core of your kickoff since they will ultimately define what your meeting is. Coming up with creative and fun virtual kick-off meeting ideas is one of the most important parts of planning a sales kickoff.

When coming up with ideas, do not be afraid to look around online for examples. There are tons of websites with fun kick off meeting ideas and sales kick off themes. Using these examples in your kickoff or as inspiration for your own ideas can make the process a lot faster. Also, these examples have been used and shown to work. By using tried and true ideas, you can ensure that your kickoff is successful. 

Here are a few fun virtual kickoff ideas:

  • Send out merchandise like shirts and hats.
  • Play trivia.
  • Give out goofy awards.
  • Have an online talent show.
  • Start a group service project.
  • Solve a murder mystery.
  • Take a group class like cooking or watercolor painting.
  • Host a virtual escape room.
  • Have a hackathon.

If you are dead-set on coming up with your own ideas, have fun and be creative. Do not be afraid to think outside of the box. The most memorable kickoffs are always the ones that do something new, interesting, and unique. At the same time, remember not to get too far away from the main purpose of the kickoff. While something may be fun and exciting, it may not serve the meeting’s purpose. Just be sure that your ideas fit the overall theme and goals of the meeting. 

Outside of that, let your mind wander and come up with some fun ideas. Think of some 2021 inspirational themes, plan an interesting keynote presentation, find a fun icebreaker, get some activities to break things up a bit, and plan an incredible kickoff your attendees will never forget. 

Also, remember to consider your kickoff software while coming up with ideas. Again, you do not want to run into a situation where you have something planned that your software cannot handle. That is never a good outcome. Avoid it by making sure your ideas are compatible with the platform you plan to use. Test your ideas out first to see if they will actually work. Doing a trial run of an activity can prevent serious stress and headaches during your kickoff. 

Lastly, run your ideas by someone trusted. Having a second opinion always helps. Sometimes things sound better to you than everyone else. Getting constructive feedback from a trusted co-worker is a great way to ensure your kickoff goes over well.

Virtual Sales Kickoff Agenda

No sales kick off is complete without a sales kick off agenda. The virtual sales kickoff agenda will outline everything that will happen during your kickoff. Everything from sending invitations and the kickoff opening to presentations and closing remarks should be included in the agenda. 

The agenda is so important because it is necessary to conduct a smooth and successful kickoff. Without one, your kickoff will likely be disorganized, confusing, and inefficient. But with it, you can have an impactful and inspiring kickoff that takes your team to the next level. This means that creating the kickoff agenda is incredibly important to your kickoff. 

When creating an agenda, be careful not to overlook the details. Overlooking something small like invitation emails or testing software can have a detrimental impact during your kickoff. Be sure that everything is covered and detailed in the agenda. 

In terms of content, try to break things up. Don’t just play one sales kick off video after another. After playing a video, maybe have a fun activity to reinvigorate them. Take breaks between long periods of time doing one thing. Keeping the flow going and energy up is a great way to make sure your team stays engaged during the entire kickoff. It is easy to lose focus, especially when staring at a screen. Avoid it by breaking up time, having a variety of activities, and encouraging active participation. 

Finally, don’t overlook the actual sales kick off presentation. It may seem hard to do, but people often get distracted by all the fun activities and overlook the main presentation. Always make sure that your main presentation is ready to go and is the focus of the kickoff. It is the culmination of the entire event, so make sure that it is a truly memorable and inspiring presentation.