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For businesses in the modern era, virtual engagement is an essential part of working digitally. With teams spread out all over the country, and even the world, being able to get employees engaged virtually is critical to success. But virtual engagement can be a tricky task when there are constant distractions to contend with.

Screen fatigue is an issue that nearly everyone who spends a lot of time on a computer faces. It is especially impactful for those who work entirely remote. People are constantly buzzed with notifications from emails, text messages, virtual calls, calendar events, and more. For those working at home, there are children, pets, and family members who may distract you. All of this adds up to decreased engagement if you don’t carefully counteract those distractions. But again, doing so can be difficult.

So how do you increase virtual engagement? Or how to improve virtual events? Thankfully, there are a lot of resources available to help. Virtual meeting tools are one thing that can help you improve virtual events and increase engagement. These tools encompass everything from guides and tips to online engagement activities. 

Take advantage of these resources and use them to better your virtual engagement. Things like audience interaction tools for virtual meetings can have a noticeable impact on your team’s engagement. If your team is engaged and excited to work, they are going to be more productive and efficient. This ultimately means that your business will be more successful. Virtual engagement is not a factor to be overlooked.

Since many ignore the impact of virtual engagement, you can get a leg up on your competitors by ensuring that your team is engaged and focused. This will allow your team to complete their work stronger and more quickly, giving you an edge against the competition.

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Virtual Engagement Tools

Because of their ability to increase engagement, virtual engagement tools should be a focus of business owners and managers in 2022. Whether you want to boost your team’s engagement during meetings or want to boost your audience’s engagement during virtual events, virtual engagement tools can help you keep people attentive and focused. They are one of the best ways to increase virtual engagement.

This importance means that choosing the right engagement tools is essential. There are countless options available. This has its pros and cons. The wide variety of tools means there are a lot of great options. There are companies like Mentimeter who provide interactive presentation software, and others like Slido that focus on interactive hybrid meetings. There are also companies that take a wider approach, offering multiple different tools to boost engagement. 

On the other hand, the number of options can be overwhelming. With hundreds of companies all offering different services, finding the best audience engagement tools for you can be difficult. However, it can be done with the right knowledge.

First off, think about what you want out of your engagement tools. Do you want to keep webinar audiences more attentive? Do you want your employees to feel more involved during meetings? How many people do you need the platform to host? Questions like these can help you figure out what exactly you are looking for in engagement tools. By comparing your needs with the offerings available, you can find tools that are perfect for you.

That said, Filo is one of the best audience engagement tools currently available. Their platform is tailored for engaging virtual and hybrid meetings, presentations, webinars, conferences, and more. With a huge selection of tools that help boost engagement like an efficient chat feature, customizable rooms, support for activities and games, and more, they are a great tool to boost your virtual engagement. If you are in need of virtual engagement tools, be sure to check out what Filo has to offer.

Fun Activities For Online Meetings

Fun activities for online meetings are a great way to boost engagement. It may seem like a frivolous waste of time to play games during meetings, but they can have a surprisingly large impact on engagement. 

As mentioned previously, our world is filled with distractions, virtual and physical. Playing games can help keep your team invested in the meeting, excited, and engaged. It gives them some time to take their mind off the seriousness of the meeting, connect with their coworkers, and have some fun. This all adds up to employees that are more motivated and ready to work.

This means that finding online games for employee engagement and virtual employee engagement activities & ideas is a crucial task for business owners and managers. This is fairly easy thanks to the plethora of online resources. There are numerous guides and articles with fun activities and games to boost engagement. These ideas come from industry leaders with years of experience, so these games and activities are tried and true. By taking ideas from the best, you can ensure that your meetings are as successful as possible.

Remember to consider your audience while choosing games and activities. Every group is different, so make sure to keep their likes and dislikes in mind. Some teams really love simple and goofy games, while others prefer games that require more thought and are challenging. If you choose activities that your audience doesn’t like, it can actually decrease your engagement. So be sure to take their interest into account when looking for ideas. 

Also, try not to overdo it with games and activities. They are fun and are valuable parts of virtual meetings, but remember that you are there for another reason. Games and activities are there to boost engagement so your audience is more attentive and interactive for the main focus. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re having fun, so make sure your meeting’s focus is what you want it to be.

Virtual Team Building Games/Activities

Focusing on virtual team building games/activities, there are a lot to choose from. There are goofy games, challenging games, educational activities, recreational activities, and much more. You need to wade through all the options to find the best virtual employee engagement activities during work from home for your specific circumstances.

With so many options available, narrowing down your choices can be hard. A good way around this is by looking at lists of commonly used and popular games and activities. They are used everyday all around the world, so they are proven to work. Spend some time online looking at lists of activities and games to use in your virtual meetings or events. Here are 10 not lame virtual team building activities to consider trying:

  • Virtual Escape Room
  • Online Talent Show
  • Group Service Project
  • Murder Mystery
  • Virtual Awards
  • Send Tangible Items
  • Peer-led Hobby Share
  • Trivia
  • Hackathons
  • Virtual Exercise Class

If none of those seem like they would work for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of other options available. Just continue researching to find activities that fit you and your audience. You can also try brainstorming and coming up with activities and games on your own. This is usually harder, but the best ideas are always new and unique. Brainstorming activities could be a fun activity on its own, so consider having a session with your team to work on ideas.

Always remember to keep your goal in mind. While games and activities are fun, they are there to accent the main focus of your event. Don’t let them overshadow the reason you’re having the event. 

How To Increase Participation In An Organization

Participation is a very important aspect of engagement. If attendees are interacting with the presentation or each other, they are more likely to be engaged. Getting audience participation in your virtual engagement activities will bolster their impact. But figuring out how to increase participation in an organization and how to increase participation in groups is easier said than done.

Again, virtual workers in the modern world are bombarded with distractions constantly. Coupled with screen fatigue, this makes increasing engagement and participation a challenge. However, there are still ways around this. Small fun activities for employees online is a great way to boost participation. By using activities and games, you can make sure your audiences have to interact. These activities can require participation, which keeps them engaged. 

Another way to increase participation is by team building. If your team members are comfortable with one another, they are much more likely to participate. By growing internal relationships, people will get to know each other better and be more participatory. This also ties into the work environment. Employees who are comfortable in their environment, with their bosses, etc, are going to participate more. This directly translates to increased engagement, which means more productive and successful meetings.

Just remember to keep the audience in mind. You need to choose activities and team building exercises that suit your employees. You don’t want to do a goofy joke activity with a team that is very serious, and you don’t want to do a challenging puzzle activity with a team that doesn’t like puzzles. By considering their interests, you can ensure that your activities and games have the intended effect of increasing engagement and participation.