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Virtual events are a staple of business in the modern era, and you cannot have an event without planning it. Virtual event planning is a must have skill for anyone looking to succeed in 2022. Being able to plan an exciting and engaging virtual event can take your team and business to the next level. However, all of that is easier said than done.

Planning and putting on virtual events can be difficult. You need to work on invitations, activities, presentations, discussions, and more. This all takes a lot of time, effort, and consideration. If you are new to virtual event planning, try looking at a virtual event planning guide. These guides are typically made by industry leaders and can help you avoid common mistakes. Take advantage of whatever resources you have available, including this on the internet.

One of the most important parts of event planning is the technology you choose to use. The virtual event platform is where your event will take place and will enable everything you have planned. Finding a great paid or free virtual event platform can help your events succeed.

Again though, finding a great platform can be hard. There are countless options available now, making it difficult to choose one. Looking at a list of virtual platforms is a good way to get started and see what options are available. From there, consider all of your specific needs. Do you need to host hundreds of people? What activities do you have planned? Do you want to customize the virtual meeting room? Asking questions like these will help you figure out what exactly you need out of the platform. Then, find a platform that can meet all of your needs. This will help ensure that your platform is ready to handle what you throw at it.

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Virtual Events

Let’s focus on the actual virtual events for a moment. Virtual events have the potential to have a serious impact on your business and team. A virtual event can energize your team, motivate them, inspire them, educate them, and get them all on the same page. These events could be what you need to get a leg up on your competitors. 

While many think that virtual events are lesser than in-person events, this is not the case. Virtual events can do things that in-person events often cannot. For example, virtual events allow for people anywhere in the world to join the event. This is not possible with in-person events unless the people all travel to the same location, which is costly. Virtual events have many benefits.

When thinking about your own virtual event, it is a good idea to look at some virtual events examples. Examples of successful virtual events are a great way to see what virtual events have to offer and what they can bring to the table when done well. They can also give you some inspiration and ideas for your own event, which will in-turn make it more successful. Do not overlook the importance of looking at well-done examples of virtual events.

Virtual Event Planner

Since virtual events can be so complicated and difficult to plan, many have taken up the job of virtual event planner. These event planners specialize in putting together exciting virtual events with a purpose. Virtual event planners can help your event be a success, especially if you don’t have much experience with virtual events. On the other hand, if you are experienced in planning virtual events, looking into event planning jobs might be a great way to share your knowledge and experience.

Many of these event planners work individually. Others work with virtual event planning companies. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Working with an event planning company is typically more expensive, but you also have more people planning and perfecting your event. Independent event planners are usually less expensive, but you then only have one person planning the event. No matter which you choose, an event planner is a great idea.

It is important to note that event planners also often specialize in certain events and types of events. There are virtual party planner, virtual kickoff planners, in-person conference planners, and more. Some focus on in-person events only, and others focus on virtual events. Some specialize in large digital events like conferences, and others specialize in smaller events. When looking for event planners, be sure to find one that is experienced in the specific event you have in mind.

Also, remember that it is possible to do all of this yourself. While it can seem intimidating, tons of people plan and host their own virtual events everyday. However, remember to use online resources to help you. These are complicated events, so make sure you are doing everything correctly. But don’t be afraid to try and plan your own event. 

Event Planning Checklist

If you choose to plan your own event, you will need to have an event planning checklist. As the name suggests, a virtual event planning checklist is a checklist with everything you need to do to plan your virtual event. Many may scoff at the idea of needing a checklist, but it is worthwhile to have one. The checklist will help ensure that you do not miss anything important like invitations or guest presentations.

When creating your checklist, look at some example checklists online. They will help you make sure you have everything you need. Also consider every aspect of your event. Everything from presentations and discussions to activities and invitations needs to be on the checklist. Be sure that all of these things are on your checklist, ready to be crossed off.

From there, just start going through your checklist. Work to complete every task on there, whether it be finding a virtual event platform or writing your presentation. Just make sure that you actually do everything on the list. It is easy to overlook a step or two, so always double check that you have completed everything. This will help guarantee that your meeting goes as planned and is a success.

Virtual Event Ideas

An important part of your checklist will be the ideas you have planned. Things like events need to be on the checklist, but you have to figure out what they will be first. This is where virtual event ideas come into play. These ideas will ultimately become the bulk of your meeting, so it is important to find great ideas. 

A good starting point is to look at information available online. Searching for virtual social event ideas, virtual event ideas for work, or virtual event ideas for students can help you find great ideas that fit your specific purpose. Remember that your context will change what kinds of ideas you want, so keep that in mind when searching. Your ideas should be specifically tailored to your event, so look for ideas that are in line with your event.

Your games and activities also require ideas. They may seem frivolous, but interactive games for online events are incredibly valuable. They can keep the audience’s attention, keep them engaged, and make the event memorable. This means they are critical to your event’s success. Again, looking online is a great way to brainstorm ideas. These ideas come from industry leaders and are tried and true, ensuring that they will be effective in your event.

Lastly, embrace your creativity and keep the audience in mind. These are two very important things to do when working on ideas. Creative ideas are typically the ones that are most memorable and impactful, so don’t be afraid to be creative. Keeping your audience in mind is important because they are who the ideas are for. The ideas for activities and topics are ultimately for them, so keep them in mind. 

Best Event Platforms

Because event platforms enable virtual events to actually occur, there is a focus on which are the best event platforms. However, this is subjective like with most things. Because every circumstance is different, the best platform will vary from person to person. The best virtual event platforms of 2021 or 2022 will depend entirely on the individual and their context. That said, you need to figure out which is best for you.

Consider everything you need out of the platform. How many guests do you need to host, what customization options do you want, what features do you need, what types of activities do you have planned, etc. Ask yourself questions like these and figure out exactly what you need out of the platform. Then, take a look at all of the available options and see who can meet all of your needs. Whether it’s Filo, Google Teams, Blue Jeans, or another option, be sure that they are the best platform for your specific circumstances. All ways watch a demo or try out the platform before making a final choice. This will allow you to actually see the platform in practice and get a better idea of whether or not it is suited for you.