Virtual Kick Off Event Ideas

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Every virtual event needs a kick off. Whether it’s a big sale or a new internal campaign, a kick off can set the tone for everything to come. A great kick off will excite the audience, engage them, and inspire them. But a lacking kick off can leave people feeling bored, disinterested, and uninspired. That’s why a well-done virtual kick off event is a must. 

Planning a sales kick off event is difficult. One must think of sales kick off ideas, organize the logistics, send invitations, etc. This is made more difficult due to the virtual nature of modern day work. However, it is still possible to plan a great kick off event in the digital age. As with most things, the best place to start is Google. Searching around for virtual kick off event ideas and sales kickoff themes 2021 should give you some good places to start. Try taking some of these ideas and modifying them to fit your specific needs. Using tried and true event ideas helps ensure that your event succeeds. 

Another important aspect of your event is the virtual kick off meaning. A good event needs to have a cohesive message and meaning. The audience should not leave the event thinking, “what was the point of that,” or, “what was the overall message?” If the goal of the event is to inspire a sales team for a big sale, that message should be clear. Things as small as coordinating colors in your virtual space with your presentation, choosing the right videos, and using the right images can have a big impact on how the event is perceived by the audience.

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Best Virtual Events

The best virtual events are truly engaging and exciting experiences. While this sounds simple, it is easier said than done. Putting on any kind of event is difficult, let alone an entirely virtual one. It is harder to keep an audience engaged when they are only looking at a screen. Things like screen and Zoom fatigue are very real and common in 2021. The digital format is another hurdle on the path to make an incredible virtual event. All that said, it is still very possible to put on a great virtual event. 

There is no shortage of virtual events examples. Ideas and formats for events can be found all over the internet. These virtual events ideas for companies can help you understand what is necessary to put on a strong event. There are also numerous companies that can help you put on virtual and hybrid events that truly engage. Filo for example is particularly well suited for virtual events. With their built in Zoom capabilities, easy document sharing, utilitarian chat feature, and customization options, Filo is able to help put on fantastic virtual events. Consider working with a platform like Filo to take your virtual events to the next level. 

As previously mentioned, the little things can make a big difference. Starting your event zoom meeting normally may seem fine, but it’s an event; an impression should be made from the very beginning. Having a fun way to start a Zoom meeting can help your team get more comfortable and be excited for the meeting, ultimately making the event more effective. Showing a funny video, telling a joke, playing a goofy game, etc. can all get your event started off right. 

It’s also important to realize that there is no single best way to hold a virtual event. Every business is different, and every event is different. The best event is always one that is tailor-made for its audience and purpose. Consider the likes and preferences of your audience when planning the event. If the audience likes a good laugh, give them a good laugh. If the audience gets bored during long presentations, break them up with other activities in between. And be sure to consider the purpose as well. If the goal is to inspire the sales team, make sure the event is actually inspirational. Many events have failed in the past because the focus was on entertainment rather than the goal. The best events find a balance between being entertaining and inspiring. 

Fun Kick Off Meeting Ideas

They may seem similar, but kick off events and kick off meetings are slightly different things. Events are usually larger in their scope and focus, while kick off meetings are typically just between the project team and project stakeholder(s). Still, these kick offs are very similar. They serve to get things started off right, have many of the same elements, and often use similar concepts. Funny sales meeting themes for example can be used in kick off events or kick off meetings. Fun kick off meeting ideas can help your event or meeting do a better job of captivating the audience. 

As with virtual event kick offs, kick off meetings can benefit from the use of themes. There are a wide variety of themes that can be used. It all depends on your business and team, but sales kick off themes that are optimistic, inspiring, humorous, and motivational have been used to great success in the past. Virtual sales meeting themes 2021 can be nearly anything, so get brainstorming and find a theme that will get your team ready for whatever it is you have planned. Don’t forget that resources like Filo exist and can help you put on the best event possible.

Fun Virtual Event Ideas

No matter what kind of event you are having, it all starts with ideas. Without ideas to start it off, your event can go nowhere. More importantly, your event ideas need to be fun. No one wants to take part in a boring virtual business event. This means exciting and entertaining event ideas are an absolute must. Here is a short list of fun virtual event ideas to get you started:

  • Play a game like trivia or guess who
  • Do a virtual icebreaker 
  • Show off your pet event
  • Group watchparty 
  • Art party
  • Virtual cooking class

And since planning a virtual event requires meetings, fun ways to start a meeting and fun ways to start a virtual meeting are also important. A good start to a meeting gets the ball rolling and loosens everyone up before getting serious. It can be hard to come up with fun ways to start virtual meetings, however this list should help you start coming up with your own ideas:

  • Zoom tic-tac-toe
  • Have everyone bring a letter and play virtual boggle
  • Rock-paper-scissors (or giants-wizards-elves if you are adventurous)
  • Play two truths and a lie
  • Show and tell
  • Share a favorite memory from the past week

One thing to be mindful of when working on ideas is not to get too far ahead of yourself. It’s easy to start working on sales kickoff themes 2022, but who knows what 2022 has in store. The idea you come up with now may not work in 2022. Your business may go from virtual in person or vice versa. You may end up working with a hybrid team instead of all physical or virtual. The unpredictability brought on COVID has made it so planning for the years to come is incredibly difficult. Getting a head start on ideas can’t hurt, but don’t get too deep into logistics when there’s a high likelihood of change. 

Virtual Social Event Ideas

While similar to other virtual events, virtual social events are different from the previously discussed events. Kick off events and meetings are typically more focused around a specific business related purpose. Virtual social events however are much more laid back. They are more focused on building camaraderie, morale, and strengthening relationships. This means that virtual social event ideas are going to be different than kickoff event ideas.

When planning a virtual social event, the first step is to consider the purpose. Virtual social event ideas for work are going to be different than event ideas for family or friends. Virtual social event ideas for large groups are also going to be different than for smaller groups. What is appropriate for friends and family may not necessarily be appropriate for work. Be sure to keep this in mind when planning a virtual social event.

You also need to consider the capabilities of the platform you are using for this event. Certain platforms can do things others cannot. Some are capable of handling hundreds of guests, while others can only host a couple dozen. Some make group video watching easy, and some make it difficult. It all depends on which platform you use. However, there are platforms that offer nearly all the features necessary to put on a successful virtual social event. Filo has all sorts of features that make nearly anything possible, from customizing a virtual space to hosting a watch party with thousands of viewers. Features like those can make or break an event, so be sure to thoroughly analyze what your platform offers and what you need from it. Finally, don’t forget to have fun. No matter what kind of virtual event you are having, it should be a little fun.