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Kick off meetings have always been an important part of business operations, but in the age of COVID, virtual kick offs are now more important than ever. Despite being an essential part of business in the digital age, many still do not fully understand kickoff meetings. 

Each company’s virtual kick-off meaning will be different. The purpose of a kickoff depends entirely on the context of your business. If the kickoff meeting is to get the sales team prepared and excited for a big sale, the goal will be different than a kickoff meeting to discuss an upcoming presentation. This means it is important to understand your specific kick-off meeting meaning before getting started on the kickoff. You want to be sure you fully understand the purpose and goal of your kick off.

Despite these differences, kick offs generally serve similar purposes and have many of the same elements. For example, a kick off meeting agenda is essential no matter what kind of kick off you are having. Having a clear outline of the meeting’s purpose, events, topics of discussion, speakers, presentations, etc. is absolutely essential. It will help everyone involved prepare what they need to make the most out of the meeting, whether that means gathering documents, working on presentations with co-workers, or preparing a document for note-taking. 

Also, it helps to understand the basics of to kick off meaning in business. While kick off has multiple uses such as sports, its meaning in relation to business is a little different. To kick off means to get started. In business, this typically means the first meeting of the team working on the project and the client of the project. These kick offs serve to get things started right. They help get everyone on the same page by enabling clear communication between all parties involved. Without kick offs, many projects would end up being unorganized with communication issues that have to be resolved later on. If you want a kick off that truly engages, consider using Filo to help make that possible.

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Kick Off Meaning

Though virtual kickoffs have taken over the business world due to COVID, physical kickoffs are still a thing as well. Many businesses still prefer to conduct important business like kick off meetings in person. Whether a kick off is virtual or in person, they all fall under the kick off umbrella and aim to serve a similar purpose.

As mentioned previously, each kick off meaning varies from business to business and even project to project within a business. The purpose of your kick-off meeting is highly dependent on your business, your project, your specific goals, and more. Still, these kick offs all serve a similar purpose of getting everyone involved on the same page and starting the project off right, no matter what the project may be. This is crucial for any project that you wish to complete with efficiency and without communication issues. 

An important thing to remember with kick off meetings is that there are a variety of different words and phrases used to describe kick off meetings. For example, leadoff is a common kick off meeting synonym. You may be wondering, “why complicate things with multiple different words for kick off?” The answer is simply that using the same phrases constantly can get tiresome. If you have multiple kick offs planned, calling them all kick offs can lessen the importance of them. This leads many to try and find another word for kick off. These searches often result in looking for synonyms for synonyms. You may find “start” as a synonym for kick off, and then end up searching start synonym. While having linguistic options to spice things up is important, it is also important not to get too carried away. There is nothing wrong with sticking to the tried and true “kickoff meeting.” There are plenty of other ways to spice up a kick off without confusing your audience with obscure synonyms. Various software platforms like Filo can help you bring something exciting to your kick off while keeping things relatively straightforward.

Kick Off Meeting Purpose

Ultimately, the kick off meeting purpose is to prepare your team for the project ahead and get things started off right. Regardless of what project you're working on, your company’s business, or what the kick off is for, the goal is generally the same. This is helpful since it makes it easy for businesses to share their own ways of doing kick offs. Looking at a kick-off meeting example from a competitor or other successful business can give you ideas about your own kickoff. This applies to all aspects of the kick off. You can find plenty of examples of letter for kick off meeting or sales kick off meeting presentation ppt (PowerPoint). While some may feel like this is “cheating,” there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking at what others have done and drawing inspiration from them. This is a very commonly used way to brainstorm about your own kick off. 

It is also important to consider the limitations of your meeting platform when planning a kick off. You do not want to plan something and realize during the meeting that it is impossible to do on your software. This can easily derail your kick off, so avoiding this is important. One way to ensure this does not happen is to choose a virtual meeting platform that has a wide variety of features, that way the chance your platform cannot meet your demands is smaller. Filo is a virtual meeting platform that has a wide variety of features, making it a good choice for kick offs. Regardless of the platform you use, be sure to check that they have all the features required for your kick off meetings.

How To Start A Kick Off Meeting

Knowing how to start a kick-off meeting and knowing everything you need to prepare beforehand is crucial to a successful kick off. Without all the basics like invitations and presentations, chances are the meeting will not go as smoothly as you hope. This defeats the purpose of the kick off meeting as a way to get everyone prepared and ready for the project, so understanding all these basics is essential.

One of the first essentials is the kick off meeting email invitation. You cannot have a meeting if no one knows about it, where it is, or when it is. A good email invitation is similar to the opening of a journalistic article—it covers the who, what, where, when, and why of the story. Your attendees need to know the basics of the meeting before attending. They need to know who will all be there, what the meeting is about, where the meeting is, when it will take place, and why the meeting is happening in the first place. Covering these basics goes a long way in planning a successful kick off. 

Next comes planning the meeting itself. This can be done a variety of ways, but common steps are to create a kick-off meeting template word document and a kick-off meeting script. These will help you make sure that all aspects of the meeting are planned and thoroughly thought out. You do not want to get to your meeting and have no real plan. That is how kickoffs can go awry and end up being a confusing waste of time for all involved. So avoid that by creating a template and script for your kickoff.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a kick off without a kick-off meeting presentation. The presentation is the meat and potatoes of your kick off. Without it, you would just have a random gathering of those related to the project. The presentation needs to be focused, well-written, and engaging. While this may seem easy, creating an engaging presentation is a tricky task. Thankfully, Filo has created a virtual kick off guide that can help you make your kick off as strong as it can be. No matter how you craft your presentation, having a trusted friend or coworker look it over is always a good idea.

Kick Off Meeting Or Kickoff Meeting

Is it kick off or kick-off? Or how about kickoff? This is probably a question you have asked yourself at some point. Though it may seem like a dumb question, it is a legitimate question one should ask. Sometimes these slight differences in spelling can be a huge grammatical mistake you do not want to make, and other times they can denote two totally different things. Paying attention to small details like this also shows that you care about being accurate, even for something fairly minute and meaningless that most people would even notice. 

In this case, kick-off meeting or kickoff meeting are interchangeable, as is kick off meeting. Different companies and writers have different stylistic guidelines and preferences. Some use kick off, other kick-off, and others kickoff. But no matter the spelling, these are all the same. Think of kick off like other words with multiple spellings, such as theater (theatre) and advisor (adviser). Whether you are going to the theater or theatre, the message is the same. So anytime you see a variation of kick off, just remember that they all have the same meaning. Also be sure to follow your company’s stylistic guidelines when it comes to matters like these. No matter your personal preference, the company’s guidelines should always be followed.