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With many businesses still working digitally due to the effects of COVID, virtual events, meetings, and conversation are more important than ever. Virtual kick-off meetings are no exception. These kick offs meetings serve to help get a project or initiative started off right, and they can make or break a goal. Without them, a project can easily fall into disarray and lose steam. Because of this, having an engaging and inspiring kick off meeting is a must. 

Before doing anything, it is important to understand the kick off meeting purpose. No matter the reason you are having the meeting, there should ultimately be a goal. Maybe it is to jumpstart a new sale, or maybe it is to go over the basics of a new project. Either way, the meeting will have a purpose. You should keep this purpose in mind when planning and conducting your kickoff to be sure your goal is reached. Meetings without a specific goal and purpose often end up being a waste of time, and another meeting has to be scheduled to get back on track. Avoid this by properly planning for your kick off meeting.

When it comes to planning a virtual kickoff meeting, looking at references can be helpful, especially if you are new to kickoffs. Find a kick-off meeting example and model your kickoff after that. Take the ideas you like from multiple different sources and use those to create your own kick off meeting. For example, knowing how to kick off a virtual meeting can be difficult, but looking at examples can help you greatly. Finding fun ways to start a meeting that others have used can help you come up with your own ideas for your kick off. Thankfully, companies like Filo have services to help you host a high-impact virtual kickoff. Consider using one of these services to help your kick off meeting achieve its goal.

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Virtual Kick Off Meaning

Another important aspect of a virtual kick off is its meaning. The virtual kick-off meaning will vary depending on your company and the goal of this specific meeting. Regardless, the kick off will have some meaning. Why is this meeting important to have? Do you plan to push a new company initiative? Do you want to get everyone working on a new project on the same page? Is there a sales kickoff virtual starting soon? These sorts of questions can help you narrow down your kickoff’s meaning. Once you understand the purpose and meaning of your kickoff, you can begin the process of actually preparing for the kickoff.

Again, looking at examples can help. Taking ideas from a kickoff meeting sample is a great way to get started on your own meeting. Just be sure that you do not directly copy another kick off meeting. While their meeting may have worked for them, chances are your meeting is different than theirs. This means that while your meetings are similar, they are not a 1:1. You will need to tailor any ideas you take from others to make them fit perfectly for your exact circumstances. Filo is a great resource for kickoff ideas, as well as a service to help make your meeting ideas possible.

A step that many overlook is the kick off message. A kick-off message is typically sent out before the meeting so everyone knows what to expect. This ensures that when the meeting actually happens, everyone is prepared and ready to go. A good kick off message informs everyone about the meeting, the project/initiative the meeting is focused around, and inspires them to get started. The tone of the kickoff message can also set the tone for the entire project, so carefully writing the message is important.

Meeting Kick Off Ideas

Okay, so you know what your meeting is about, why you are having it, and have crafted a good kick off message. What next? Brainstorming ideas for the kickoff comes next. Having plenty of ideas about your meeting makes deciding what you want to do easier. Meeting kick off ideas are essential because they will eventually become the central focus of your meeting. You do not want to have everything around the meeting planned but not the meeting itself, so coming up with ideas is crucial to a kick off’s success. 

One of the first things you will want to plan is the start of the meeting. It may seem pointless, but online meetings can easily become monotonous. And with Zoom burnout being more prevalent than ever, starting your meetings off right is critical if you want an engaged audience. This means that every business should have a constant stream of fun ways to start a virtual meeting. It is incredible how big of a difference starting a virtual meeting with a fun activity can have. If you are having a hard time coming up with your own ideas, there is nothing wrong with searching around for fun kick off meeting ideas. As previously mentioned though, it is important that you modify these ideas as necessary so they better fit the context of your meeting. 

One should also consider the limitations of the meeting platform being used. Not all virtual meeting platforms are equal. Some lack features necessary for certain activities, and others provide nearly everything you could possibly want. Be sure that your platform is capable of handling what you have in mind. If your platform cannot accommodate your needs, consider looking into other platforms like Filo that offer everything you need for virtual kickoffs that truly engage. 

Virtual Sales Kickoff Ideas

One specific type of virtual kick offs are virtual sales kick offs. Though they share many similarities with kick offs in general, sales kick offs have their unique goals that separate them from other kick offs. As a result, many virtual sales kickoff ideas are going to be different than other kick off ideas. At the same time, other kick off ideas may work as sales kick off ideas. It all depends on the idea and the context of your specific meeting. This may seem like an annoyance, but there are plenty of resources available to help in this process. 

Since sales meetings are generally more on the serious side, funny sales meeting themes can help you spice things up. Sales meeting themes 2022 can help you keep your audience engaged and entertained from the very start, helping you achieve your goals. Be sure when choosing a theme that you consider your audience. They may not like something on the funny side and may prefer to just stick to business. Others may prefer a more relaxed and humorous feel. As with everything, it depends on the context of your specific meeting. 

When coming up with themes, keep in mind the capabilities of your meeting platform. If your platform is not able to meet your demands, you will have to modify your ideas and switch platforms. When shopping around for platforms, be sure to look at those like Filo that can offer everything you need to avoid running into this issue again in the future.

Kick Off Meeting Agenda

Arguably one of the most important aspects of planning a virtual kick-off meeting is the agenda. The agenda is what will serve as your guide and framework for the meeting. The agenda should include everything you plan to cover in your meeting, from games and activities to speakers and presentations. A good agenda prevents confusion and helps ensure everyone is properly prepared. This means that the kick off meeting agenda is something that should not be overlooked, even if you are not the type of person to plan things out in such detail. 

Making a kick off meeting agenda can be difficult. Laying out and organizing every activity, presentation, and discussion can be daunting. However, there are resources available that make this task more approachable. A kick-off meeting template can help guide you in creating your own. For many, a kick-off meeting agenda template word can be a life saver. Do not feel bad about using a template to make your agenda. These templates exist for a reason, and you risk wasting time in your meeting if you choose to do it all by yourself. 

Also be sure to consider your software when creating your agenda. Just like when coming up with kick off ideas, it is important to keep in mind what your virtual meeting platform can and cannot do. Realizing halfway through a kickoff that your platform cannot do something you had planned is not a good position to be in. Avoid this by double checking that your platform is able to handle what you want it to do. If not, you will need to rework the idea or find a new platform to use. If choosing a new platform, be sure to choose one like Filo that is capable of handling all your needs, from kick offs to internal meetings that inspire and connect. Your kick off can only be as good as the platform it is hosted on, so do not overlook the importance of meeting platforms.