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With many businesses still operating remotely, having a good virtual meeting app is more important than ever. A well made app can help your business succeed by enabling communication, inspiring, and encouraging collaboration and inspiration. Conversely, a buggy or poorly made app can have serious negative effects on your business. Communication can be lacking, causing misunderstandings and a decrease in efficiency, and employees can get burned out with technical issues, resulting in a decrease in efficiency. Because of this, a great virtual meeting app is crucial to a modern business’ success.

It may be tempting to find virtual meeting apps free or online meeting platforms free, but this usually is not a good idea for most businesses. These free apps often have limitations, limited functionality, and do not have dedicated support like paid apps. Paid apps generally provide a better quality of service and support in nearly every aspect. This is especially true of video conference software like Filo, which offers a variety of features, robust functionality, and customization options. 

Filo seeks to break down the digital barriers to business and help teams to the best that they can. They do this by making their platform as functional and efficient as possible for users, which enables teams to find their flow. One example of this is their Filo Tap feature. Tap allows users to easily see who is available for a video call and seamlessly start a call with them. This may seem like a minor feature, but it fills a very important need in virtual workspaces. Impromptu discussions happen constantly in a physical workspace, and these conversations help teams get on the same page, brainstorm, build rapport and morale, and get inspired. Tap allows these conservations to happen in digital space just like they would in a physical space. This sort of attention to detail and care is why Filo and other paid apps are a better fit for most businesses.

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Best Online Meeting Platforms

When it comes to the best online meeting platforms, there are a lot to choose from. With the prominence of work from home arrangements, there are more options now than ever. GoToMeeting is a popular option with a lot to offer, but it is not without its disadvantages. The app is sometimes glitchy, paywalls commonly used features, may run poorly on older devices, uses large amounts of bandwidth, and lacks essential chat features. Zoom meeting is another very popular option. Zoom has a free tier with limited features that is incredibly popular, though the free tier lacks many of the necessities larger businesses require. Zoom’s paid tiers offer more functionality, but many complain about the long list of add-ons required to get the features they need. 

Filo is another popular platform that many consider to be one of the best. They have a huge array of features that can help any business have seamless and engaging digital experiences. They have even partnered with Zoom to empower distributed teams. No matter your business, chances are that Filo has the options and features you require. While they do focus on internal meetings, they also focus on virtual onboardings, virtual kickoffs, and more. Because of this, Filo is able to accommodate a wide variety of needs, making them an all in one platform for all your virtual communication needs. 

Another advantage of Filo is their dedication to helping virtual teams succeed. As laid out on their website, they believe that virtual teams can accomplish truly amazing things. The diversity and distribution of virtual teams can be a huge asset that helps businesses succeed, but the progress of those teams is often impaired by technical issues and limitations. Filo seeks to overcome those challenges, allowing teams to work seamlessly and find their flow. They also understand the importance of virtual events, meetings, and collaboration. All of these factors make Filo arguably the best app for meeting virtually.

Best Video Conferencing App

Put simply, video conferencing is when multiple people engage in an audio/video call remotely. Some video conferencing software examples are apps like Zoom, Slack, BlueJeans, and Filo. Because of COVID’s effects on the workforce, video conferencing has become the go-to way of conducting meetings for many businesses. This has put an emphasis on video conferencing apps that previously were not used in such a widespread way. Many new apps have emerged to try and satisfy the demand for well made video conferencing technology, seeking to become the best video conferencing for business. Like all technology, it is hard to say definitively what is the best video conferencing app. Everyone has different needs, so what may work for one person may not work for another. The best video conferencing app for business may not be the best for personal use, and vice versa. This means businesses and individuals have to carefully consider their needs and compare them to what apps have to offer. 

The best video conferencing for business is up for debate, though there are a few common contenders. Zoom, Slack, GoToMeeting, and Filo have all shown their capabilities for businesses. Filo however seems to have the most robust functionality. They are capable of hosting a huge array of events, meetings, discussions, and more. They can even accommodate thousands of guests for larger virtual events. More importantly though, their list of features for regular internal meetings is impressive. Easy document sharing, instant video calls, a well designed chat feature, and customizable rooms are just a few of the many features that Filo offers. All of these features combined means that your business can function as efficiently and seamlessly as they would in a physical office, allowing you to get the benefits of a diverse digital team without the downsides. If you are searching for a video conferencing app for your business, Filo is worth looking into given their wide array of features and capabilities.

Web Conferencing Apps

While virtual meetings and web conferencing may seem like the same thing, they are a little bit different. Web conferencing usually involves a singular presenter that guides the conferences without much input from the audience. Attendees typically do not need a microphone or webcam since it is a passive presentation. Web conferencing is generally more affordable because of this, which can be a huge benefit for those on a tight budget. Saving costs on microphones, cameras, and internet capability for hundreds of attendees could make a massive difference in your bottom line. However, web conferencing apps are also less flexible because of this. If you decide to ask for more participation, want attendee feedback, need others to share their screen, etc., you may run into issues. But if you are doing a straightforward presentation with little to no input from the audience, web conferencing may be the cost effective solution you need. 

Virtual meetings are usually much more collaborative with most in attendance directly participating. All attendees have audio capability and most or all have video capability. These meetings are perfect for replacing a typical in person meeting since document sharing is easy, communication is direct and effective, video allows for visual clues, etc. But this means that virtual meeting and web conferencing apps need different features and capabilities. Sometimes these overlap and a single platform can offer both, like Filo and Google Meet, but that is not always the case. This means that what you find in an online video conferencing software list might not work for your web conferencing and vice versa. When looking for a web conferencing platform, be sure to find one that meets all of your needs.

Best Virtual Meeting Platforms For Large Groups

Large groups bring a whole other challenge to virtual meetings; many people often search for online meeting more than 100 participants free. While a group video call more than 20 may not seem like a big issue, it often is. Many of the most common virtual meeting platforms cannot accommodate a large number of people. This can be a deal-breaking issue for many companies that require large meetings. And even if they do offer large meetings, many lack the features to make those events manageable. Meetings with dozens of people can quickly become chaotic and disorganized if documents are hard to find/share, there are technical issues, communication is not clear, etc. This makes the process of choosing a platform for big groups even more difficult.

However, there are still options available for large virtual meetings and events. Filo can accommodate thousands on its platform, allowing you to have as many present at your meeting as necessary. Whether you are having a celebratory event, large conference, or an important meeting, Filo can provide what you need. This alone makes it one of the best virtual meeting platforms for large groups since many other platforms do not offer the flexibility that Filo does. Filo also has a multitude of other features like built-in Zoom rooms for members, easy document sharing/access, a chat feature, and more that make it one of the best virtual platforms on the market. If you need a virtual meeting platform for large groups, you should consider seeing if Filo is right for you.