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Virtual meeting software has changed the face of business forever.

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What does a virtual presence bring to your business? Virtual meeting software has changed the face of business forever, and we would argue for the better. Today, teams are more collaborative, communicative, and consistent in their efforts than ever before because of virtual business solutions. With customizable webinars, video conferencing, and collaboration software, you can bring more visibility and productivity to your team. That’s how virtual meeting software has shifted the business mindset to one where offices are optional, but results are guaranteed.  

We’re with you—in-person meetings are nice, but virtual meeting apps and video conference software have added a level of convenience to business that wasn’t there before. Gone are the days where you had to hunt down this member of the team or that contractor to make a super important clinic call or strategy session. No more scrounging for participants at your networking event. Now you simply invite them through our video conferencing apps. And sales calls? Virtual meeting software invites you to make them fun again. By combining virtual meeting software with our presentation solutions, you can engage your clients in meaningful and impactful ways.  

Not to worry, the human touch is still there. Filo’s virtual platform allows you to see what your team is up to without hopping on calls or scheduling official meetings. There’s no denying there’s a sense of comradery when you see your team every day. Now you can have the proverbial watercooler convos that boost your company’s morale and encourage collaboration organically while still being online! Schedule team-building programs, happy hours, parties, and brainstorming sessions in a snap with the knowledge that your team is truly connecting. With Filo’s suite of online business solutions, virtual means a stronger connection between your employees, your business, and your customers.

See how Filo takes events, workshops and meetings to the next level.

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Video Conferencing Software

What are the benefits of using video conferencing platforms like Zoom meetings? It’s a common question and a fair one. Something you should know: Not all video conferencing software is created equal. For instance, there’s a huge difference between video conferencing tools for education and Google Meet. The secret behind Filo’s user-friendly video conferencing software is customization. You don’t need every tool under the sun for your team to work efficiently online. You only need the ability to choose the right tools for the job. That’s why Filo has the tools to make your job easier on one centralized platform.   

When we think of video conferences, we think of a camera and a mic—that’s it. But web conferencing software is about more than making a video phone call. It’s about utilizing the integrations needed for instant scheduling, desktop and mobile sharing, calendar plug-ins, recording, and file sharing, all on one platform. These are the tools you need, and Filo provides a simple platform to access all of them. Your time is much better spent on meeting, networking, creating, and educating than it is searching for links and apps. 

We believe that simplification is how you get things done. So picture this: It’s 8:55, and that important event you have to be on time and on point for is five minutes away. You’re not practicing your intros or reviewing your itinerary—you’re still trying to get the screen share feature to function while also answering chat pings about what timezone the event is on! That’s not an example of working smarter. It’s an illustration of why you need Filo. Stop juggling several apps that only do half the job. Move to a system that takes the burden off your collaborative efforts and fosters an atmosphere that provokes true creativity with customizable integrations for your video conferencing software.   

Fun Virtual Meeting Platforms

Your business should be about your business, meaning that your team should be able to bounce ideas off each other, share research, attend educational courses, and more through our virtual platform. Remember, people decided to work at your company because they thought they would enjoy it, because they liked your company culture, and because they feel at home in your industry! Make it easy for them to talk to each other about the biz of your biz! 

Filo’s fun virtual meeting platforms allow you to set dedicated rooms for particular people, teams, groups, events, clients, projects, and more, all so you can collaborate as easily virtually as you would in person. Does the engineering team have a weekly call that, of course, changes times and days every week? Instead of going on a mad scramble to track down this or that Zoom link, create a centralized space for your team to meet that’s just theirs. Does your team need to blow off steam after knocking a highly lucrative project out of the park? Filo’s virtual meeting platforms with games include a hosting feature to bring in fun activities to bolster the connection between your team. Learn more about our seamless integrations for meetings on our company blog! 

Virtual Meeting Platforms Comparison

When you’re looking for virtual meeting software examples, you’ll immediately see a few of the same great benefits to all types of video conferencing platforms. An obvious one is that video conferencing saves you on overhead costs. No more wasted money and time spent traveling to meetings, organizing venues, and on expensive chachkies for the complimentary goodie bags. Virtual meetings allow you to simply conduct your business online while reducing your carbon footprint and focusing your team on the things that matter most. Filo offers you all the same overarching benefits as our competitors. The difference between us and them is that we have additional digital integrations that allow you to do business the way you want, not just in the way available. 

When going through your virtual meeting platforms comparison, it’s easy to get bogged down in who has what business tool and what you have to do to get it included in your specific package. 

Does this sound familiar? 

Platform A has a chat feature directly in the video integration, but it doesn’t have file-sharing. Platform B has file sharing, but you have to get a second application if you want to chat seamlessly with the rest of your team. 

Filo believes that making sense makes the best sense, so we put everything on one customizable platform. That’s just one more way we create tools to make your business work for you.  

Filo’s features include: 

  • Zoom video conferencing integration
  • Instant scheduling 
  • One-click meetings/ No link hunting 
  • Access Filo’s platform via desktop and mobile 
  • HD audio and video 
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing 
  • Recording 
  • Individual and department, and company office calendar 
  • Instant messages

What if you have an existing video conferencing platform? Or a system spread over several different applications? No problem! Filo simplifies business. Period. It doesn’t matter if you would like to integrate current tools with our system or if you would like to make a full transition. Filo provides a seamless transfer to the digital plane. There’s no big “purge day” or “move” over to Filo. You’ll simply be online collaborating, creating, and communicating with your team without missing a beat and without spending valuable company time on learning a complicated new video conferencing platform.

Best Online Meeting Platforms

Is Zoom the best video conferencing app? We’ve done the search far and wide on the best online meeting platforms for you, and we have to say, we certainly think so. Filo is thrilled to announce our partnership with Zoom as our newest video conferencing integration. When choosing a virtual meeting platform, you want one that not only has the tools you need, but also one that understands the challenges of remote work, especially when collaborating with a team that’s displaced all over the world. If you’re juggling time zones and working hours, multiple teams, and various deadlines, you need the best virtual meeting platforms for large groups. Seeing and hearing everyone is key. Communication is paramount. Finding that perfect flow of harmony between your virtual tools and your team is the ultimate goal. Welcoming Zoom to the Filo suite of video conferencing solutions allows us to bring the reliability and opportunities your business needs to be at its very best. 

Okay, so Filo is great for large teams. But what about small businesses? Again, it all goes back to customization. At Filo, we don’t want to decide what your business needs; we want you to decide, so we can provide solutions that do exactly what you need them to do. Maybe you don’t need to communicate with six different teams in twelve different time zones. Filo is still for you! Our Zoom integration has helped us become the best video conferencing for small business owners because it’s one click and done. No more extensive training or guides to try to turn non-tech savvy folks into expert video conferencing gurus. With Filo, there’s no need to ever become an expert in our platform. You only need to be an expert in your business. Filo’s video conferencing platform only hosts easy-to-use applications with speed and productivity in mind.