Creating flow through connection.

Filo reduces the friction in remote collaboration, enabling distributed teams to work better, together.

Why we exist

We believe diverse and distributed teams can accomplish truly amazing things...

But, remote work is often frustrated by a lack of collaboration and connection. When teams become remote, decisions slow down; creativity is impeded; personal connection becomes burdensome; information is harder to find; and employees burn out.

Filo is a place where distributed teams can come together to work, learn, and solve problems, faster and more easily. With Filo, teams can once again find their flow - that magical dynamic when everyone is on the same page, doing their best work, and just clicking - so teams are ultimately more creative, better performing, and happier at work.


We're here to change the way remote and distributed teams meet, collaborate, and work together.

If you are excited about the future of work, and enjoy interesting challenges, let's talk.

Staff Software Engineer


Looking for a Staff Engineer to take on large projects, move fast with an eye on the future, and wear multiple hats at once.