Dec 15, 2022

22 Creative Tactics from Enablement Innovators

We asked a dozen of the top Sales Enablement leaders and influencers -- what is the most creative, innovative thing they are trying to empower their sales teams and drive revenue?
From lip-syncs to cross-functional empathy training, we curated 22 incredible ideas to make your Enablement practice more fun, creative and impactful.

Get tactical, actionable and innovative ideas like:
- Building Enablement Roadmaps similar to Product teams
- Re-creating the Sales Floor in the Virtual Environment
- How to choose a fun theme for your SKO

Get exposed to a brand new idea, or get further clarity on a tactic that you've been considering.... Covering onboardings, trainings, coaching, kickoffs, and aligning leaders with strategy, there's a tactic in here for you to adopt, consider or ponder. Grab your copy; grab a coffee, and enjoy this fun read!