Dec 15, 2022

6 Strategies to Enable Sellers in the Hybrid Future

Filo has enabled sellers through trainings, kickoffs, solution rooms, and every flavor of sales gathering. We've seen firsthand how the sales process has changed in the hybrid world, and the importance that Sales Enablement pivot to the new norm.

We asked three sales leaders for their lessons how sales teams can adapt. Some key takeaways:

  • New methods & creative content for enabling buyers to champion your message across the business
  • Helping sellers get back to the basics of preparation in a back-to-back meeting world
  • New communication methods for sales training and product updates

Includes insights from: 

  • Todd Caponi, Author of The Transparency Sale;
  • Larkin Kay, VP of Sales Enablement at Ping Identity and 
  • John Moore, VP of Revenue Enablement at Bigtincan. 

We hope this PDF guide will have a meaningful impact on you and your team. Here's to building the future of sales!