Filo Virtual Sales Hub.
Where sales teams connect to win.

From sales meetings to kickoffs, deal reviews to one-on-ones, Filo Virtual Sales Hub helps your revenue team learn, collaborate, and sell better than ever.

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Virtual events
Sales Meetings, Kickoffs & Training

Sales meetings with real engagement.

Bring your team together with always-on, virtual spaces that facilitate better engagement, enablement & teamwork.

Spaces for meetings, training & more

Configure sales meetings, kickoffs & training sessions to your specific needs. Create branded experiences that CROs & sellers love.

Move freely without confusion

Navigate from public to private rooms with the same ease as you would in person - without hunting for logins or links.

Hold private or public meetings of any size

Thanks to Filo's deep Zoom integration, your sales meetings, all-hands, and kickoffs can scale as needed without sacrificing quality.

Facilitate meaningful conversations

Connect sellers when inspiration strikes to share success stories, talk tracks, and strategies to grow & serve accounts better.

Deal Rooms, War Rooms, EBCs & QBRs

Deal rooms that bring sellers & customers together.

With Filo Virtual Sales Hub, you do more than Zoom. You drive business.

Rooms for every purpose

With Filo's fast, flexible spaces, sales teams can create public and private rooms to facilitate any conversation, strategy session or pitch imaginable. From deal reviews to war rooms, executive briefing centers (EBCs) to quarterly business reviews (QBRs), your team connects better with customers, partners, and prospects on Filo.

Resources at the ready

Outfit your virtual rooms on Filo with the online resources you need to drive meaningful engagement. Always have your docs, reports, spreadsheets, charts, whiteboards & more at your fingertips.

Privacy that works

Private rooms within Filo Virtual Sales Hub let you control who has access and when. Keep valued customers in the know with their own permanent online meeting spaces.

Yext's 2021 virtual sales kickoff saw an opportunity to create rich collaboration with peer-to-peer learning in Virtual Deal Rooms. See how they did it.

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Filo Virtual Sales Floors
Virtual Field Marketing Events

Where the field connects online.

Create virtual field marketing events that connect with prospects quickly, cost less, and drive more business opportunities.

Virtual sales floors and offices for sales professionals

Give your team the space they need to succeed.

Provide each of your sellers with their own office to host more productive sales calls, pitches & one-on-one reviews.

Give your team a home base with permanent spaces online and you'll soon be hearing things like...

Dedicated rooms

“Let's meet in the Product Room.”

No more wasted time and lost momentum swapping Zoom links, and looking for the right file. Get everyone on the same page with dedicated rooms.

Seamless movement

“Hop into my office.”

Connect when inspiration strikes checking calendars or being forced to schedule a meeting. Bring back the camaraderie and connection of an office with easy conversations.

Team presence

"See you at virtual Happy Hour!"

Engage with your team to celebrate, blow off steam or share stories from the week. Hop in and out as your schedule permits and regain that sense of team unity.

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