Internal meetings that inspire and connect.

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Virtual events

A virtual kickoff doesn't mean you need to settle for less.

Create a customized, branded event that aligns, inspires and prepares your team for the year ahead.

No more 'death by Powerpoint'

Virtual all-hands and town hall meetings don't have to mean your employees must sit and watch passively. Create a custom, branded, persistent campus that connects your team and organization.

Virtual events

Simple and intuitive

With no downloads and built off of Zoom, Filo is fast and frictionless for you and your team.

All your content in one place

Keep folks focused and engaged with all your content (livestreams, interaction, breakouts, files) in one place.

Scale to any size

Scale from 10 to thousands and leverage unlimited rooms, floors and length of the event.

Cultivate a community

Foster connection and engagement by enabling attendees to see who's in the event, network, and move to different sessions.

A central place to bring your community together.

Deliver workshops, demo days, and showcase events, and other programing so seamless that participants will rave.

Stronger engagement

Customize and configure your virtual space so it has clear structure and purpose. Create purpose-driven rooms for founders to connect and engage.

Seamless facilitation

With Filo's fast, flexible spaces, you can create and facilitate complex programming without juggling dozens or hundreds of invites and links.

Dedicated rooms for teams or topics

From mainstage to breakouts, team brainstorms to private rooms for investors, Filo streamlines programming for virtual accelerators, demo days and showcase events.

Maintaining community is essential to any startup accelerator. Here’s a glance at how 3 Techstars programs maintain a supportive founder community within Filo.

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Trusted by leading teams:

"Those cross-functional sessions ended up being our most highly rated in no small part due to the collaborative environment you can create with Filo."

— Cindy Wei,

VP Sales Enablement, Yext

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