March 25, 2021

12 Ways to Collaborate Better with Filo Tiles

We're excited to announce Tiles, a suite of integrations that can be hosted in Filo Rooms to align attendees, focus attention, enhance engagement, and collaborate better in virtual teams and events.

Below are 12 creative ways organizations are using Tiles to take virtual engagement and collaboration to the next level. You can see the full suite of 20 integrations here.

Want to try out Tiles for yourself? Just drop us a line for access to our interactive demo environment.

1. Whiteboard together in a virtual workshop

The RemoteTogether community used Filo's Miro Tile for an interactive whiteboarding session. After a series of breakouts, the group came together to share key takeaways. Rather than send another link, and ask attendees to open yet another tab, the group could easily and quickly collaborate directly alongside their call within Filo. By removing these moments of distraction, the group gained precious time and stayed focused on the workshop material --  often what sets amazing virtual workshops apart.

The RemoteTogether virtual workshop using a Miro Tile.

2. Highlight speakers at a virtual event

During 500 Startups Virtual Demo Day, hosted in Filo, Stack, a startup that's reinventing the traditional browser experience, created a Custom Tile to showcase their team. While Stack used this custom Tile to create more engagement in their virtual company booth, the same format can be used to showcase high-profile speakers at virtual events.

Stack's custom Tile showcasing their team.

3. Keep your team in the loop with Hubspot dashboards

Sharing public dashboards is easy with Filo's Hubspot integration. Hubspot Tiles connect directly to your Hubspot CRM to showcase real-time data and dashboards -- a helpful way to keep a virtual team aligned on high level goals and progress.

Filo Marketing room with a Hubspot Tile.

4. Align your team in planning with AirTable Tiles

At Filo, we consistently use AirTable to organize engineering sprints, and embed this AirTable Tile into our Engineering Room. This not only creates a central go-to place for the engineering team, but also gives crucial visibility for the larger team to see what is coming up in a sprint. During each stand-up in the Filo virtual office, the team has this dashboard at their fingertips, and we don't miss a beat searching for the right link or missing an update.

Sprint planning using an AirTable Tile.

5. Ignite conversations with Image Tiles

Want to spark more conversation during your event? One of the best tactics we've seen is simply to share a provocative image and ask a question. Sendspark embedded a simple Image Tile into their company booth during 500 Startups Virtual Demo Day event. The simple question was enough to spark dozens of conversations among attendees, who could easily drop into a call via the dedicated Zoom meeting in the company booth. Everyone wanted to know, what led to their huge January spike in user growth?

An Image Tile used to generate conversations in the Sendspark company booth.

6. Embed CTAs alongside a demo or webinar

Why follow up with a Call to Action days after a virtual event? With Custom Tiles, attendees can engage during your virtual event or webinar. Grow, a platform enables faster feedback among teams, showcased this by embedding the CTA within their company booth. After attendees watched a short presentation, and connected with the company in a 1:1 meeting, they could sign up for the platform directly from Grow's booth.

A custom Tile in Grow's product booth at 500 Startups Virtual Demo Day event.

7. Engage attendees by showcasing Twitter updates

Another way to engage attendees is simply to highlight the larger discussion happening around a virtual event or topic. The example room of NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Launch shows an embedded video via a YouTube Tile alongside Tweets of a particular hashtag.

A sample room showcasing embedded video, alongside Twitter Tiles.

8. Start a pre-work jam session with Spotify Tiles

Want to add some fun to a call? Pop in a Spotify Tile; ask your team to contribute to it; and let people jam before or after a meeting. Yext used this simple tactic to build the fun, engagement and energy during their annual virtual Sales Kickoff, hosted in Filo. They also dropped in a quick poll using a Slido Tile to further the engagement.

A Spotify Tile can uplift a Pre-Work room, like this one at Yext's virtual kickoff event.

9. Create a drop-in game room for virtual teams

Speaking of fun, want to give your team to chance to hang out? You can go beyond the bare 'happy hour' Zoom call, to give a distributed team new ways to engage around games or social activities. Techstars used this tactic to drive further engagement in one of the virtual accelerator programs hosted in Filo. By using a Custom Tile, they simply embedded a virtual chess game into some of their hangout rooms.

A virtual chess game in the 'Chess Room' in one of Techstars' virtual accelerator programs.

10. Share pre-reading and align customers with Google Docs

Have an important document to share with attendees? Sharing resources your team or attendees is far easier by embedding them in a single place. Below is the Customer Room at Filo, where we can host meetings with new customers (giving the rest our team crucial visibility into who is in the office). It also provides new customers everything they need to access to in a single, centralized place. The room hosts a Zoom meeting alongside key documents (via Google Doc Tiles) that our customers may need such as a 'Getting Started Guide', and common FAQs.

The Customer Room at Filo with a Google Docs Tile.

11. Personalize a Virtual Office

Virtual doesn't have to be impersonal. With Image Tiles you can be available for your team, while also adding a bit of personality to your office.

Filo CEO Matt Compton added a personal touch to his virtual office.

12. Build a community around your event

With Filo's YouTube Tiles you can host continue the engagement even after your webinar or virtual event. The example webinar below showcases Calendly Tiles to book a meeting, and Resources for the audience to engage further. By hosting post-event content, alongside ways to engage and persistent chat, virtual events can turn into engaged communities.

A recorded webinar hosted in a YouTube Tile alongside Calendly Tiles.