June 15, 2021

3 Common Reasons Why Remote Collaboration Isn't Working (And Ways To Fix It)

Remote collaboration does come with a set of challenges. People have a tough time forming relationships and collaborating through a screen, although it isn't a foreign concept. People interview, fulfill work duties, and even make romantic connections through web browsers and apps.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work challenges became top of mind for many companies. As things begin to open back up, the conversations center around returning to the office vs. continuing remote vs. hybrid work. Many employees have no desire to return to the office, as seen in this Employees Are Quitting Instead of Giving Up Working From Home article from Bloomberg.

If remote collaboration challenges are on your mind, we've got you covered! Below, you will find three common remote collaboration challenges, and ways Filo.co can help.

Insufficient Visibility

When it comes to working remotely, people and work are invisible. Physically seeing and sharing the same space as someone builds connection and helps ramp up liveliness—all core aspects of an office environment. How can visibility be increased amongst a group of people in a virtual setting?

Ways Filo Can Assist with Visibility

Filo brings presence and harmony. Coworkers can see each other, which drives energy, awareness, and alignment. The platform also allows for free movement as if you were in a physical space. With the "People" button in Filo, you can see who is online and offline. You also have visibility into which room someone is in at that given time. 
A floor in the Filo.co team's virtual office space.

Need for Connection

As mentioned before, some find it hard to build a connection with people that you can't see in person. When communicating via screen, people are typically talked at, making it challenging to develop a rapport. The lack of conversations and connections negatively impacts creativity, relationships and progress.

Ways Filo Can Help Facilitate Connection

Filo takes collaboration seriously. Collaboration starts from genuine connection and comes from a sense of place—which Filo.co gives companies.

With a chat function in each room and a list of names in the space, it is easy to form connections. With our Tap feature, you can easily ping someone, as if you were knocking on their office door, when they are free to jump on a quick call via Zoom. Discover how Filo helped Convince & Convert power collaboration.

Lack of Structure

Organization is challenging to master in-person and virtually. In a virtual or even hybrid work environment, documents, and progress become lost. Looking for missing documents can lead to wasted time and may affect productivity. 

Ways Filo Can Help Define Structure

Having an easy-to-navigate structure is essential for work environments. You can create a sense of team flow again with Filo. The platform allows for a seamless design that is customizable for all activities. Filo provides a virtual space that mimics a physical location containing "floors" and "rooms." The overall harmony allows for people to feel like they are part of something bigger.

Filo Tiles add an additional layer of structure by allowing integrations in the space. If your company uses Google Workspace, you can pull in files and documents using Tiles. Find 12 Ways to Collaborate Better with Filo Tiles here.

Virtual collaboration in the workplace can be successful. And to put it simply, Filo is a game changer for remote collaboration, whether used as a virtual office platform, virtual event platform or more.

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