December 7, 2021

3 Reasons Virtual Internal Events Matter

Companies host events for their internal team several times throughout the year, whether it be a QBR, sales kickoff, all-hands meeting or team building event. However, we've noticed that these events, and their significance, have taken a backseat, especially when comparing them to their external counterparts. Unfortunately, company execs aren't putting as much effort into virtual internal events.

Although there are many reasons virtual internal events matter, here are 3 for your consideration.

Team Inspiration

Employees are an essential asset of any org. Without them, the organization could simply not operate. It's crucial to keep your best investment feeling uplifted. You can inspire and motivate your team if they buy into the organization's mission.

When gathering the entire team, carve out time to discuss the why of the company and the forecasted future. Tell compelling stories to keep them motivated to do meaningful work for the company and themselves.

Enable Connection

Although the internal team works together regularly, it's essential to let them bond as people. During internal events, don't waste a great opportunity for further connection, especially for team members who often don't speak with one another. When encouraging collaboration with team members, trust and respect are built for each other. Check out these networking ideas for your next internal event.

Team Health Check

Understanding the status of the complete team is essential to a healthy company. Hold sessions to unveil how the units are functioning as well as the individuals on the teams. Uncover pain points and topics like personal grievances and career goals. Taking this simple step will help the team feel supported and motivated to perform well.

Top management should regularly connect with their entire team on more human elements, showing the team that they matter. So the next time you are tasked with coordinating an internal event, treat it as if you are trying to impress an external audience.

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