April 7, 2023

3 Tips to Get Started With Buyer Enablement

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

Most sales teams don’t have any dedicated team members or resources focused on making it incredibly easy for a prospect to buy.

Instead, they solely focus on sales enablement and their own internal processes to try and win more deals. Sadly, this one-sided approach prevents even the best sales and enablement teams from competing with success of product-led growth companies and self-service options. 

Thankfully, buyer enablement helps sales teams compete with the speed of self-service options while amplifying the value working with sales can bring to a prospect's buying journey. In 2023, utilizing the power of buyer enablement is a must. Without it, traditional B2B sales will become obsolete.

To get started with buyer enablement and give your sales team a much needed boost, check out these three tips.

Tip 1 - Go through your own sales process

Even though reps guide prospects through the sales process every day, it’s easy to lose sight of how the experience plays out from the buyers side.

To get a better feel from the buying end, try and buy your own product from another rep on your team. Or, if no other reps are available, walk through the process with someone in your network who may be unfamiliar with your company. That way, you can get candid feedback of your process from someone who isn’t in the market for your product or service.

Tip 2 - Discuss prospect objections with your sales team

Every sales pro is familiar with objections to their sales pitch. In the same way every rep sells slightly different, each rep also hears objections in a different way.

Sharing objections amongst your team will help identify the most frequent issues in the sales cycle. Once you’ve compiled a list and determine which one’s are causing the most friction, your team can work to find ways to decrease the pain points across the board. In addition, requests that help your whole team are more likely to become high priority if you need solutions from another team at your company.

Tip 3 - Decrease your sales cycle

You’ve heard the saying “Time kills deals”. Review your recent deals (won or lost) and calculate the average time it took to get a final answer. Then, make a list of things that would’ve closed the deal faster. Were you waiting on your prospect to discuss with other decision makers? Or was it something internal, like waiting on custom demos to get built?

No matter what reasons you come up with, you will find several areas where you can either be more prepared or streamline the process. If not, congrats! You’re one step closer to being a buyer enablement pro.


Even though these three tips are basic, they can be extremely powerful to begin to align your sales process with an experience buyers actually want. With buyer enablement, sales teams can turn frustrating, lost opportunities into wins.

Want to learn more or discuss how it can increase won deals for your team? Click here to schedule a 30 minute buyer enablement strategy call today! No software sign up or purchase required.