February 1, 2022

4 Filo Updates That You Will Celebrate

Our team has been hard at work to bring you all the best Filo experience, and I am incredibly proud to walk you through these updates in the video below.

We're officially into the second month of 2022 and our Product team has been killing it! There are some serious enhancements to Agendas, Announcements, Archiving & Live Streaming. Check out the updates below & a video walkthrough from our CEO!

Agendas 🗓

Easily create beautiful agendas (full screen or scrollable) in minutes.

  • Add a session
  • Set a date & time
  • Hide or show it by role
  • Give it a category
  • Link to a resource
  • & Filo does the rest!

Announcements: Rich-Text & Live Preview 🙌

Now, users can format announcements, link to internal or external URLs, and know how the message will look upon delivery.

Plus, you can send out an announcement to everyone in the campus or a specific role.

Campus Archiving 🙈

You can now archive your campus to remove it from your home list! In Campus Access Settings, an Admin can mark a campus for archiving, and it will no longer appear in the list of campuses in Home!

Live stream with IBM Watson's Live Streaming Service 📺

Gain access to this scalable live streaming service in the new Live Stream Tile. However, this is a premium feature. Please reach out to the team if you would like to use it!