May 20, 2022

4 Fundamental Ways Digital-First Selling is Different Than In-Person [GRAPHIC]

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

In our last newsletter we dove into the new data around "hybrid-first" selling. Or, digital-first, as we call it here at Filo.

Here's a quick recap (data from McKinsey & Company):

  • "90 percent of enterprises [are planning] to sustain the changes made to their sales force structure over the past year to enable hybrid."
  • "...buyers and sellers not only intend to continue engaging remotely; two-thirds prefer it to in-person interactions at many purchasing stages"
  • The takeaway: "Hybrid selling orchestrates the customer journey across multiple touchpoints and is, therefore, a critical capability in the omnichannel ecosystem."

If the entire report from McKinsey & Company doesn't convince you that digital-first selling is the future for high-growth at your company or business, take a look at the graphic below for insight into why digital-first selling is different and so much more effective than in-person as we progress in today's world.

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