November 16, 2021

4 Pieces of Advice to Uplevel Virtual Onboarding

Starting a new job is stressful and it isn't any easier in the current hybrid/remote work environment. Not meeting your team members or manager in person or not knowing where to go on your first day are all common things remote employees face.

It's more crucial than ever to have a soundproof virtual onboarding process in place to help relieve some of those first-day issues. According to a study, 69 percent of workers are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they have a good onboarding experience.

If you are diving headfirst into managing virtual onboarding, keep reading for some advice from onboarding professionals.

Kickoff communication before the first day

There will always be a sense of nervousness when it comes to beginning a new job. To help alleviate those first-day jitters, conversations should start as soon as the employee accepts the offer. Opening up this foundation of communication will make the company culture and job expectations clear. The new hire will feel energized and engaged and also comfortable enough to ask questions.

"Send a welcome email with all the information a new hire needs to be successful on their first day. I like to include an overview of the various tech tools used at Andela and what they are used for. We can't assume everyone has used Slack in previous organizations or a Single Sign On platform. A brief overview helps them understand what the tools are used for and who to go to for help."
-Carly Lehner, the Head of RevOps & Enablement at Andela

Retain a high level of organization

The easiest way to leave a great first impression is by showing that you are organized. The best way to keep everything organized is by having one centralized location for all documents and other pertinent information for onboarding.

A virtual hub should also include access to Zoom meetings and recordings, videos and additional training materials. Having one centralized location makes it less complicated and time-consuming to track down needed documents and links.

"You should definitely be organized. Start the onboarding process before the new hire even begins by meeting with your stakeholders."
-Jennifer Reyes, Sales Enablement Manager at Blend

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Don't worry about oversharing information

When it comes to company processes and tools, it is impossible to overshare or over-communicate. Giving important details will ease the new hire's mind about the company and their job responsibilities. Map out the necessary information and why it's vital to be shared (refer back to being organized).

It's essential for hiring managers and team members to check on the new team member to understand the new hire's comprehension. These things will boost the recruit's confidence that they have what they need to succeed.

"Overshare! You can't assume that they know what you are talking about. If you have a new accounting person, over-explain why a client is being created a certain way. That way, they have the necessary background information."
-Randi Doerr, Vice President of Client Success at ExactHire

Consider making onboarding longer

Virtual onboarding, or orientation, should be longer than one day. It's impossible to cover everything essential to the company, and the role that is being filled, in just one day.

Having a longer process that includes shorter durations of training allows the employee to digest and retain the details thoroughly. A longer onboarding process also permits colleagues to build a relationship with the recruit.

"Make onboarding longer. Onboarding certainly needs to be longer than one day. I can guarantee that it needs to be longer than whatever the organization is currently doing. In order not to take people away from their jobs by doing orientation type things, we have to be creative."
-JoDee Curtis, Owner at Purple Ink LLC

Onboarding must start before the new hire's first day to set them up for success. Don't be afraid to switch up the process to benefit all parties involved. is here to help you facilitate virtual onboardings that drive real impact.