April 8, 2022

4 Tactical Tips for Selling in a Digital First World

We've seen, heard and even experienced it—the selling and buying journey has definitely changed. Many B2B SaaS sales teams were already familiar with conducting a portion of the selling and buying process virtually pre-COVID. However, with the shift in the workforce in 2020, most buyers were also now working remotely. This was a new experience for all parties, but it is safe to say that digital is the new norm.

This blog is a compilation of tactical tips that will help sellers sell in a digital first world.

Preparation is imperative

In this virtual world, sellers move from back-to-back meetings throughout the day, with little time for preparation or reflection, experiencing insane email threads, leading to lost documents and even repeated conversations. 

"When we're running around from meeting to meeting, customer to customer, too many people fall back to winging it. You can't wing it anymore and be successful. You need to take the time to prepare and just get back to the basics."
-John Moore, Founder, Trust Enablement

Stop winging it! Structure in time in your day to prepare, process, and reflect for meetings.

Capitalize on what makes you different

Everything is commoditized now. Every company has competitors and now, they all look the same on paper or in a deck. Often, products are so similar that the only true differentiator is price. How would a buyer be able to distinguish between you and a competitor, especially when trying to get a consensus from their internal team?

"Everybody looks and feels pretty much the same as their competitors on the surface…There are nuances, but to the buyer, they can't tell the difference."
-Chuck Marcouiller, Sr. Director Revenue Enablement, Jobvite

It goes without saying, it's essential that your company stands out. Train sellers with those key selling moments that make your company different from another.

Here are a few things that make your company unique:

  • The Team/Customer Service
  • Customer Stories and Reviews
  • Branding and Assets

There are other items like features and pricing as well, but those are also those easy things that look similar on paper.

Put yourself in the buyer's shoes

It's critical to have more empathy for the buyer. Sales teams have an entire organization supporting them, but buyers don't have any of that support. Buyers have to research and vet several companies, extract key selling points, and present findings to the actual decision-makers. Sometimes there are 5-10 people total to win over in this buying process.

"Now your buyers are all remote...They aren't able to run into someone in the parking lot or getting coffee and ask, 'what do you think about doing this?'"
-Todd Caponi, Author, The Transparency Sale & The Transparent Sales Leader

Thinking about your buyers' challenges reinforces the need to make it as easy as possible for them to be champions of your solution. Sellers should play a more active role in guiding customers through the consensus-building journey. The seller's skills to be a facilitator and collaborator are significant in this process.

"You have to prepare your customers when it is time to come to a consensus. Let them know they need to prepare for the meeting across stakeholders. It would be nice to have a preparation kit that helps teach the customer through the process diligently. It's on the sales team to help the customer draw a consensus in a virtual environment." - Larkin Kay, VP Sales Enablement, Ping Identity

Combat short attention spans with creative content 

You only have a few seconds to capture someone's attention before they decide to move on and digest someone else's content. With such a short attention span, many go-to-market teams utilize content forms that grab attention quicker such as video and audio.

"We realized people don't want to read 30 slides. So we moved to 3-5 minute commercials that really paint the vision."
-Larkin Kay, VP Sales Enablement, Ping Identity

Buyers need to carry your message far and wide across the business, and in the remote context, this is getting harder since they can't just "walk down the hall." Using short videos equips buyers to easily share your message in its entirety, the way you want it presented.

As buyers evolve, our sales tactics must do so as well. To learn how Filo can help simplify buying interactions with an all-in-one digital buying workspace, reach out to us today.