June 30, 2022

4 Ways Selling Will Change by 2030

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

Selling is changing rapidly. The center of gravity has shifted from seller to buyer.

Here are 4 fundamental ways that selling will change in this decade:

Sellers will move to supporting actors

Selling is hard. Buying is harder. Buyers want a seller free experience.

Sales will not go away, but will change drastically. Sales will no longer deliver information that could be consumed through content, video, podcasts, etc. Sales will answer questions, give clarity, and solve complex buyer specific issues through exercises like strategic sales discovery, objection handling, and executing proof of concepts, pilots, and proof of values.

Most live meetings will go away. Social selling is the future.

Moving from in-person to Zoom is only the beginning.

Interactions will move from scheduled and live to asynchronous chat, voice, and video. As a result, a seller’s biggest relationship building tool will disappear, and they will need to build relationships and trust in new ways.

Content marketing will evolve, and content will become helpful again

Most content marketing today is useless. 

The last decade has seen an explosion in B2B content. Most is focused on SEO and top of funnel demand capture. Companies will identify friction for buyers and develop content to help from discovery to decision to close to execution.

Buyer tracking will become real (and accepted)

Buyer tracking today is actually quite limited and viewed negatively by buyers.

Tracking will move from just interest and intent to identifying what buyers are most interested in, where they are stuck, and how sellers can be most helpful.