October 22, 2021

5 Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Virtual Kickoff Event

It goes without saying that your virtual sales or revenue kickoff is important to set the stage for how the upcoming year will unfold. With the current landscape, most kickoffs have to shift entirely to virtual or have some sort of virtual element (hybrid kickoffs come with pitfalls).

It takes some work and strategizing to create a memorable and effective virtual kickoff event for your company. While planning, be sure to keep what’s most important at the forefront. Continue reading to find five mistakes made when planning a virtual kickoff event.

Failing to Define Success

Kickoffs should get the sales team headed towards a common goal. Without clear goals and success measures, the team will be less effective. It’s vital to set clear expectations of what success looks like for the year.

It’s a good idea to give an overview of the objectives and expectations on achieving them. Define success by:

  • Specifying what objectives need accomplishing and who is responsible for them
  • Quantifying the goals to make them easy to track progress
  • Be sure goals are achievable and relevant
  • Most importantly, goals are deadline-driven.

Not Relevant for Entire Sales Team

Aligning kickoff training in a meaningful way to everyone participating in the kickoff event is a must. It’s known that each sales role is different. When planning content and training, it’s essential to consider how each sales role differs. If you are going over a new process or tool, it’s important to think about how an account exec may use it differently from a BDR. Aligning kickoff training and activities to each sales role participating will play a significant role in your event’s success. 

Lacking Focus on the Purpose

The logistics and “fun” elements of an event can take up most of the planning process. However, don’t let this happen to your company’s virtual kickoff event. Don’t carry out a kickoff with too much focus on the event and not enough on the purpose. The kickoff should inspire, align and prepare the team for the year ahead. 

Here are a few ways to help hone in on the purpose of the virtual kickoff event:

  • Discuss outcomes that need to be achieved in a way to stop video fatigue
  • Have speakers align to the strategic aim of the kickoff
  • Equip the team with the content and tools needed to succeed

Absence of Team Building

Kickoff events are one of the few times the entire sales team will be together in a year. Take advantage of the opportunity to build camaraderie and fellowship amongst the group. Salespeople tend to be independent workers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be motivated by connecting with other team members.

Although you may not gather your team in person to discuss goals, you can do so virtually. There are even very fun, engaging ways to get the team energized and engaged.

Relying on Livestream Content Only

Relying on only livestreams is the biggest mistake when planning a virtual sales kickoff. One-way communication does not need an entire event. It is easy to fall into the trap of only broadcasting, but where does the interaction happen? The last thing you want to do is lecture your team over Zoom.

Interaction amongst the entire team is essential to get them inspired and onboard. Give thought to having peer-led conversations facilitated through smaller groups.

Solving these five mistakes will allow you to treat your sales team to an incredible experience that builds energy, education and connection with some core tactics for virtual SKOs. At Filo.co, we believe that hosting a virtual sales kickoff doesn't mean you should settle for a bland experience. We can't wait to hear from you! In the meantime, check out our guide with 6 Strategies for a High-Impact Virtual Sales Kickoff.