April 12, 2022

5 Questions You Should Answer While Planning A Virtual Event

An event, whether virtual, in-person or hybrid, is important. It's literally in the definition.

Event (noun): a thing that happens, especially one of importance.

As the world fluctuates between in-person and virtual gatherings, we have recognized that a virtual element is necessary. And great events take a lot of time to conceptualize and execute. 

As we've helped many companies host stellar virtual events over the years, there are some critical questions that we've asked or that our customers have asked us. Answering these questions will ensure your virtual event is one for the books.

1. Do I know someone that has experience?

Nothing is better than talking to someone that has already gone through planning a virtual event. Tap into your network to see if you can gain best practices and walk through the process with them. This could be a great way to add some new things to your arsenal.

2. What are the goals of this event?

This is arguably the most important question to ask before heading down the path to planning. Many planners begin planning without even considering what they're planning for. 

Here are a few more questions to ask yourself when trying to answer this question:

  • Why are you being asked to plan this event?
  • Who are the attendees?
  • Why are you inviting those attendees to your event?
  • What are the key things you want an attendee to walk away with?

3. What is my budget?

Do you even have a budget? It's true, most virtual events are cheaper than their in-person counterparts due to no travel and no food or beverage costs. However, if you want to have the best virtual event ever, you more than likely will need to invest in a virtual event platform or virtual event technology. These platform costs vary on integrations, customer success and more.

If there is room in the budget, consider sending participants a cool, tangible item. We have seen this in the form of a simple postcard all the way to a box full of gadgets and swag.

4.Will there be an in-person element?

Hybrid events are super popular. It's natural for some event goals to be around human-to-human connection and interaction. However, after experiencing things virtually, some people would prefer not to leave their comfy spaces. Refer back to questions surrounding goals and audience. Planning a hybrid event is more complex than planning virtual or in-person events, so you want to make sure the in-person need is essential.

5.How will I keep my audience engaged?

You need to be really strategic when it comes to keeping your audience engaged virtually. Virtual does allow for more distractions to sneak in, like checking email or chatting on Slack. To help combat this, add in some impactful breakout sessions, keep sessions short and sweet, include polling and even time to unplug like Apartment List.

One thing is for sure; you must stay flexible and open-minded. The Filo.co team would love to chat with you on ways to power a great virtual event.