August 17, 2021

5 Tips to Uplevel Your Next Virtual Sales Call

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, selling has made a drastic change. With no meaningful experience in conducting sales virtually, most people find the prospect challenging.

However, there are simple solutions to this challenge. First, salespeople should embrace technology that facilitates hybrid sales processes. With this, they can communicate with clients via phone, video and different apps.

When in the same physical space, it's easy to build a connection and study the body language of the potential client. But when conducting sales virtually, the question becomes how you can hold an effective meeting to push the deal forward.

Here are some insightful tips to ensure your virtual sales call is successful.

Prepare for the Virtual Call

Some prospective clients may be unfamiliar with the virtual sales platform you're using. Before the meeting time, personalize a video explaining how to use the platform and share it with them. It is best to mention the meeting will be on video to ensure they are camera-ready.

Make the subject of the meeting clear and have an agenda. It will give the prospect confidence in the meeting. Sending a plan ahead of the meeting also encourages them to create time for the discussion and prioritize it.

Give yourself some leeway to prep for the virtual call, as this should be just as important for you as it is for the prospect.

Be Professional 

The first impression you create should be professional, as well as empathetic and knowledgeable. Log onto the virtual sales platform early to check and confirm everything is functioning, and load any slide decks and shared applications. Try to eliminate as much background noise as possible to make sure there are no interruptions.

If the meeting involves several people, note down their names, and remember them based on their position on the screen. Mention them by name when responding to or talking to them individually.

Put on a smile and ensure you have good lighting.

Build a Connection with Your Potential Clients

Instead of going straight to the purpose of the meeting, take a few minutes to get to know your client better and build a rapport. 

Our blog on mastering the virtual sales process notes the importance of being human first. Remain friendly and relaxed to portray confidence in yourself and your brand. 

Remember, you are communicating with a person. Take the extra time to get to know them, so they feel welcomed and comfortable and not like 'just another sale.'

Show Attentiveness By Asking Questions

Your active listening skills should be alert to offer the best advice and solutions to the customer.

Ask your audience questions instead of creating a one-sided presentation about your company, products and services. Find out what challenges they are experiencing, what their priorities are. 

Avoid interrupting, and be attentive to understand them. Observe the video call attendees' tone, attitude, and body language to clear any potential misunderstandings or questions.

Summarize and Plan Next Steps 

You should understand your potential customer's specific issues and can now offer proper solutions by this point. Clearly reiterate the pain points you noted during the call. Suggest one of your products or services that address those central issues.

It is best to end the virtual sales call with next steps. For example, you can agree to hold another meeting, set a precise date for the next step, or get consent to move forward with the sale.

Remember to say thank you or take time to demonstrate gratitude to your potential clients.

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