November 4, 2021

6 Ways to Make Filo More Interactive and Fun for Your Team!

It is so hard to make a virtual space feel like your own in the online and hybrid work world we are currently in. But in Filo, we have found a way to make your virtual collaboration environment feel real and authentic. I include some of my personal favorite ways to bring fun into a virtual workspace below.

1) Embedding your current music playlist

I have always found that people connect with people through the power of music! I am always the type of friend that loves to share their music, so I thought, why not share that with my team! Through the Spotify integration via Filo Tiles, I have embedded my current favorite playlist in my office so that when people come into my office, they can connect with me on something not work-related. 

2) Adding pictures to your office

Growing up, one of the cutest things my mom did was tack up pictures of my siblings and me on her cubicle wall in her office. It is so fun in our Filo virtual offices when I go into my coworkers' space and see the pictures of their kids, families and furry friends. You can do this as well by embedding images in your Filo space.

3) Getting creative with virtual whiteboards

Recently our team was feeling a bit off, so I proceeded to embed a Miro Board titled "How are you feeling this week?" The team added gifs, notes on how they felt, emojis and more! It was a fun way to get our emotions out about how we were feeling. team having fun with a Miro Board.

4) Embedding quizzes and polls

I absolutely love putting a quiz or poll in my office! It's one of my favorite things to see who will vote on something. I really enjoy seeing who gets the same poll results as me too! Filo allows for different quizzes and polls to be embedded.

5) Hold fun Happy Hours!

Another way to interact with coworkers since we are all spread worldwide is by adding a Happy Hour room. We have planned a few after-hour activities, which is another way we bonded as a team, made drinks together on Zoom, and talked amongst each other. team Happy Hour!

6) Question of the week

As part of the Client Success team, Kate Elliott and I collaborate on a Google Doc embedded in our Customer Room that has a list of questions we have thought of that we ask at the beginning of each company meeting every Friday afternoon. This has been amazing for learning more personal and fun facts about our coworkers and bringing so many laughs each Friday.