June 4, 2021

7 Lessons from a Year of Online Demo Days, Sprints & Accelerators

2020 caused many businesses to tread in uncharted territories. Companies had no choice but to have their employees work from home or figure out how to host virtual events. Not being in the same space was unfathomable for many but eye-opening. 

We asked some of our customers and Filo teammates for their lessons learned from the past year of virtual events, demo days, sprint weeks, and accelerator programs. Those hosting any virtual event can also apply these lessons. 

Several common themes came from the knowledge gained by this group. The need for efficiency is critical in a virtual space. It is in the best interest of the attendees if virtual events are shorter in duration. The importance of a go-to contact person is also crucial. Attendees of a virtual event need to know who to communicate with if they need assistance. The third critical item we will note is the gravity of a contingency plan. Back-up plans are pivotal to events in all forms but often overlooked in virtual instances.

Watch the video below to gain a more comprehensive take on 7 Lessons from a year of online demo days, virtual pitch days, sprints and accelerators.

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