August 24, 2021

8 Must Use Filo Tiles for Engaging Sales Meetings

When it comes to collaboration and meetings, keeping items organized is vital for hybrid teams. Now that most communications across teams are async or scheduled video calls, how do we combat fatigue? Combatting fatigue is important for all groups but especially important for sales teams. has something unique to add more engagement into virtual sales meetings in the form of Filo Tiles, our suite of 20+ integrations. Add Filo Tiles to any Filo domain to align attendees, focus attention, enhance engagement and collaborate better.

Below lists 8 Tiles that you should use to increase engagement during your next virtual sales meeting.

1. Reliable Video Technology

It’s essential to have a reliable video conferencing tool, especially since the time you spend with your team is so limited. Filo integrates with Zoom, the industry-leading video conferencing tool. Having the Zoom Tile in a domain guarantees that no one needs to search for the meeting link because it is already in the virtual space to navigate easily.

2. Share Stats with Dashboards

Aligning sales teams with high-level goals and progress is valuable and essential. Utilize the HubSpot Tile to share public dashboards in your Filo space. The Filo and HubSpot integration connects directly to your HubSpot CRM to display real-time data. Having the dashboards makes it easy for teams to ramp up initiatives and to celebrate wins.

3. Facilitate Collaboration via Whiteboarding

The Miro Tile allows for an interactive whiteboard session. Rather than send a link for everyone to open independently, the group can simply collaborate directly in Filo alongside their video call. This maximizes the time and efficiency of the meeting. Accelerate collaboration with Miro by mapping out sales process changes or next steps for follow-up conversations.

4. Gain Visibility for Scheduling

With distributed teams, it is important to know when people are available for conversations. Embedding a Google Calendar Tile will allow for teams to see each other’s availability. We suggest creating a team PTO calendar to show vacation schedules to better schedule meetings. 

If you are meeting with external stakeholders, add a Calendly Tile for the stakeholder to schedule a follow-up meeting or conversation.

5. Ignite Community Amongst Your Team

It’s key that teams feel connected. There’s no better way to connect teams than with a poll when it comes to hybrid meetings. Add a poll via a Meeting Pulse Tile or even a Slido Tile. Using a polling tool allows for the in-person and virtual attendees to participate simultaneously. Incorporating the polls in the space eliminates the need for opening an additional tab and adds more engagement and camaraderie.

6. Provide Visuals to Increase Understanding & Personality

Video is an excellent way to break down processes or add a more personal feel to a message. There are several ways to embed videos in Filo, including YouTube Tiles and Vimeo Tiles. Add a video to the top of the space to break down an important update or how to utilize the Filo space during the meeting. It would also be a great idea to give your internal sales team a weekly pep talk via video.

7. Keep Important Assets In One Place

Did you update your pitch deck with new branding and messaging? Add it to the space with the Google Slides Tile to ensure that everyone uses the correct deck. Keeping all important assets in the same place eliminates wasting time searching. Having the deck embedded can even help facilitate a better training experience for new team members during meetings as well.

8. Add Fun with Some Tunes

One easy way to liven up a virtual meeting is by adding music. Add a Spotify Tile with a customized playlist for each session. If your sales meeting has a theme, curate a matching playlist to add more fun and interactivity.

Having all of these essential tools and assets in one place is a true game-changer for any distributed team. Request a demo today to get a glimpse at more essential Filo Tiles to make your next sales meeting more engaging.