July 29, 2021

Achieve Impactful Virtual Sales Training With Filo

I've had conversations with colleagues and have read articles on the future of sales and how things are shifting to a hybrid model. I relate the struggles as I have adjusted my approach to master the virtual sales process over the past year.

Filo.co is a remote-first organization. We believe diverse and distributed teams can accomplish amazing things. And we exist to help teams navigate and collaborate better in this virtual space. Due to this, I always knew I needed to train and onboard additional sales reps virtually. Luckily, Filo is collaborative, so it effectively set me and our Account Executive, Molly Dotson, up for success.

I now have firsthand experience of how Filo spaces are great for creating meaningful training sessions for specific needs. Keep reading to take a look into our current training process, what I've learned and the impact on Filo.

Designated Onboarding Space

We have an Onboarding Room that houses case studies, decks, email proposals, contracts, and anything else of importance for a newcomer. Having all of that information in one place makes it easy to refer back to as needed. 

As a startup growing rapidly, we don't have the luxury to create structured multi-month onboarding. We can't invest time or resources in classes, quizzes, and certifications--we need our teammates to contribute as soon as possible.

Filo allows me to learn faster what our new hires need. They can quickly let me know if they need more help with objection handling, competitor analysis, customer stories, etc. We can even create new sales assets collaboratively inside of Filo. Our process is very fluid, so that we can track and structure fluid growth in one dedicated place.

Mentorship and Direct Communication is Important

I believe that mentorship is essential and at the core of a solid team. Tap allows Molly to get on-demand coaching from me. It also enables her to reach me quickly if she needs my assistance during a call. I have been able to jump into her office to help her negotiate with a prospect on the spot. We were able to close two deals this way.

Agile methodology is used in product development and even making its way into marketing methodology. I think it would be productive and effective to build it into onboarding as well. And Filo allows for it. One of the biggest principles in agile methodology is face-to-face communication is most effective. Tap solves for just that, allowing for Molly and me to be face-to-face ASAP.

Matt and Molly utilizing Tap for a 1:1 discussion.

Results are Impactful

After two weeks of onboarding, Molly was averaging 10 marketing qualified conversations a week. She closed her first self-sourced deal in less than 30 days on the job and her first annual license in two months. Molly's accomplishments don't end there, she even upsold a monthly deal to an annual license.

With our agile approach, she contributed and collaborated on making our slide deck proposals better and more effective. Molly has built custom demo accounts to allow customers to see their specific needs and challenges solved by Filo before becoming customers.

The fact that we use our product allows us to prepare our current and future customers better. Filo can be customized for any sales team's needs. I think I have a practical and effective blueprint that I am ready to share.

Does your team have the skills to succeed? Filo provides flexibility and organization to train your account executives effectively. Connect with us today to effectively train your team.