November 30, 2021

Adapting to Hybrid Sales: 3 Strategies for Revenue Teams

The workforce has gone virtual, well at least hybrid with many people still heading into the office. Due to this, sales teams have pivoted to a virtual approach to meet buyers where they are. Now those old sales routines are out the window. However there’s always room to grow, to branch out and try new things.

Below are three strategies that hybrid sales teams can depend on to succeed in the new hybrid sales process.

Get back to the basics of preparation

With hybrid work conditions, sellers move from back-to-back meetings throughout the day, with little time for prep or processing. This isn’t good for the seller or prospect. First impressions are important and prospects can tell when sellers aren’t prepared. The lesson for sellers: structure in time in your day to prepare, process and reflect for meetings.

“When we're running around from meeting to meeting, customer to customer, too many people fall back to winging it. You can't wing it anymore and be successful. You need to take the time to prepare and just get back to the basics.”
-John Moore, Founder, Trust Enablement

Have empathy for the buyer

As a sales person you have an entire organization that supports you; the organization is designed for you to be successful. Yet, buyers don’t have that same support or access to any set processes. The buying process is something that buyers don’t do often either, they may make a large software purchase once per year.

Acknowledging your buyers' challenges reinforces the need to make the buying process as easy as possible for them to be champions of your solution. Think about what they need to best communicate with their team about why your solution is necessary.

Leverage creative content

Buyers need to carry your message far and wide across the business, and in the remote context, this is getting harder. One way to enable consensus-building is to distribute new forms of content like video.

Using short videos over slide decks does two things:

  • Creates a strong emotional response.
  • Equips buyers to easily share your message
“The videos are a good wrapper whether they're at the frontend or the backend to support with context and personality. They're going to drive the feeling that creates an extra differentiator for you but also will remove friction at the end of the funnel and hopefully speed that end of the cycle.”
-Todd Caponi, Author, The Transparency Sale

Many lessons have been learned during this time of virtual selling but one thing has been proven, salespeople don’t have to go out into the field to be victorious. Looking for more hybrid sales strategies? Check out our guide here.