September 1, 2022

August: Filo Product Updates

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

Filo rooms are quickly becoming the best way to work with people outside your team.

I'm thrilled to tell you about some of exciting changes released in August. 

On top of the items below, we will soon be releasing Filo freemium to everyone.

Login from Public Rooms  🙌

Public rooms can now automatically identify if your participant has full access. With one click, they can securely participate in chat, access files and links, follow up on tasks, or engage with other room members.

Public room links replace that bland Zoom meeting page with a beautiful, branded landing page. Meeting history, recordings, and sensitive data remains secure, while members and guests can quickly and easily join from anywhere.

Guests want access to the full room context? They can request access right from the page.

See it live today!

Public Room Login

Freemium Introduction - Get a Free Room 💥

All current Filo users can now create their own free collaboration room!  Each room comes with its own upgraded Zoom business license (free Zoom anyone?), file & link sharing, full featured chat, and unlimited room members.

Not yet a Filo user?  Get invited by a current user, or sign up for our freemium waitlist!

Create a Room

Other Feature Enhancements 🔥

We continue to hear your feedback, and have addressed some of your biggest requests and reported bugs.  

  • Zoom recordings now open to everyone: Meeting recordings can now be accessed by all room members!
  • Leaving a room or campus: You can now leave an old room or campus. Just click the (...) button in the header.
  • Reordering resources: Room managers can now change the default order of files and links within resources tiles.
  • Quick add members from other rooms: Work with the same people across multiple rooms? Room managers can now quickly add members from other rooms.

Customers are leveraging Filo rooms for amazing things:

  • Secure RFP response & deal rooms
  • Proof of concept collaboration rooms
  • Customer communication rooms
  • Strategic projects & initiatives
  • Complex workshops
  • Collaborative events

Want to leverage Filo rooms with your own prospects, customers, and partners?

Getting started is quick and easy: request early access

If you have any questions or want a personalized walkthrough, don't hesitate to reply to this email or reach out to our amazing team at