October 26, 2021

Best SKO Speakers for 2022 Kickoffs

We're in prime SKO planning season, and a question we commonly see in Sales Enablement communities is simply - who do you recommend as a keynote speaker?

You can find keynote speakers at speakers bureaus (e.g. LAI Speakers) yet these can be hard to filter through. Below, we curated a dozen speakers that have been recommended by Sales Enablement and Event Marketing teams specifically for kickoffs and SKO events. That said, the names below are all speakers recently recommended by kickoff planners themselves (curated from various Slack discussion groups, communities, and word of mouth). Please add any recommendations you have via the form at the bottom!

How should you choose a speaker?

First a quick tip about the process of choosing a speaker. Like any important decision, it’s helpful to have a framework or a clear criteria. We recommend Bryan Neale’s tip on thinking through what you want the audience to learn, do and feel. Secondly, is the speaker going to align with your kickoff's theme and larger message?

Motivational Speakers & Athletes

Debra Searle, professional adventurer (she rowed across the Atlantic solo for 3 months)

Apollo Anton Ohno, Olympic champion in speed skating

Ed Viesturs, pro mountaineer, well-known from being featured in the 1996 Everest Expedition documentary 

Business & Sales Speakers

Matthew Pollard, serial entrepreneur and founder of Rapid Growth LLC

Todd Caponi, former sales leader and author of The Transparency Sale

Bryan Neale, NFL referee, sales coach and co-host of The Advanced Selling Podcast

Niraj Kapur, co-founder and author of Everybody Works in Sales

Fia Fasbinder, co-founder and CEO of Moxie Institute (Moxie Institute also does public speaking / sales workshops that come recommended)

Creative Speakers

Sekou Andrews, one of the most successful spoken word poets in the world

Leave a Recommendation -- Who is a great speaker you've seen at kickoff events?