November 14, 2022

Bringing people back to the center with Filo roles

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

An important part of working with prospects, customers, or vendors is knowing who you are working with. 

When you are working with people within your team, you know who everyone is, who is in charge, what people’s strengths and weaknesses are, and who to go to for specific questions or issues.

When working with other teams or companies, this foundation is missing. It is hard to know who is who, which roles people play, and how the team is organized. Tools today organize around the work:

• the chat
• the email
• the invite
• the tasks
• the spreadsheet
• the document
• the slides
• the dashboard
• the call

Take stakeholder turnover: 
A key member leaving or being replaced can:

• stall a deal
• kill a customer relationship
• tank a project or initiative.

The amount of time and effort to bring another person up to speed is enough to set things back weeks or months.

Teams need a place to not only engage and find the information they need, but also to meet the team and understand their roles within the project.

With Filo roles, we are setting out to solve this problem. Team members will not only be able to see who is online, but with a single glance they can see who is the room owner, who is on which team, and who they should reach out to with specific questions or requests.

This will be a huge help for everything from deals, to clients, to workshops … and I cannot wait to get it in your hands.