December 14, 2022

December 2022: Filo Product Updates

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

We're ending 2022 with our biggest release of the year 🎉

Filo Rooms are the most collaborative digital sales rooms and customer portal solution in the world! With this release, we continue to change the way you work with people outside your team.

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The FIRST Room Activity Feed 🙌

Filo launches the industry's first activity feed for Digital Sales Rooms and Client Portals. The activity feed gives you a full, joint history of every meaningful action with your prospect, client, board, or audience. For example:

  • When key members join or leave
  • When files were uploaded or links were shared
  • When tasks and action items were added, assigned, or completed
  • When key decisions happened or status updates were shared
  • When meetings occurred

The activity feed both plays a huge role in keeping people updated and also bringing new stakeholders up to speed - saving you time and winning more deals and customers - in the process.

Want to see more? Watch this 2 minute now!

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Introducing room posts ✉️

Despite chat taking over much of our workplace communication, email still holds true as the primary mode of communication within deals and clients.

Unfortunately, email threads are disconnected from everything else, people are regularly left off, and are hard to manage and find later.

Posts in Filo Rooms finally replace unmanageable email threads, saving you time while organizing everything in one place. Simply create your message, categorize it with tags, configure how you want your audience notified, and hit send.

Your message will be sent to the right people, through the right channel, and saved to the Filo Room for reference and commenting later.

See it live in less than 2 minutes!

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Announcing discussion threads 💬

Sometimes, group or private chat just isn't enough. It's hard to discuss a specific document, hold multiple conversations at once, and keep the work and conversation organized. Chaos becomes hard to avoid!

With discussion threads, you can turn every file, link, task, post and meeting into a conversation with context. For example:

  • Ask a question about the latest proposal or uploaded designs.  
  • Get clarification on a specific action item.  
  • Provide additional context around a completed task.  
  • Ask follow up questions to a status update or to clarify a decision.

These discussion threads include all of the feature and functionality of Filo Chat (reactions, mentions, embedded media, and integrations) and are accessible from the tile or the new activity feed.

Seriously, this will change how you work!

Watch this demo - you know you want to see it!

Finally custom room roles 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

An important part of working with prospects, customers, or vendors is knowing who you are working with.

With Roles in your Filo Room, team members will not only be able to see who is online, but with a single glance they can see who is the room owner, who is on which team, and who they should reach out to with specific questions or requests.

One more demo? Why not!

We. Are. Not. Done. 🔥

If you read this far, pat yourself on the back! You are even more impressive than the list below:

  • Duplicating rooms: Quickly create a copy of any room. Build a template and share it with your team. Building a new room only takes seconds!
  • Chat enhancements: We have made several UI and performance improvements to our chat. (Don't worry. Giphy still works.)
  • Customize your right panel: Don't want chat?  Don't want activity feed? It hurts my feelings, but you can turn it off.
  • Performance and bug fixes: Trust me. We did more. I would tell you about them, but I am tired of typing.

Seriously though, we are super passionate at helping you win more deals, make your customers wildly successful, run amazing projects, and facilitate the best workshops on the planet.

If you have any questions or want a personalized walkthrough, don't hesitate to reply to this email or reach out to our amazing team at

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!