January 18, 2023

Feature Release: Private Branding

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

Give every buyer a personalized experience 😘

Bring your brand to life in every Filo Room with our latest product release!

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You shouldn’t have to be a graphic designer to create a unique, branded experience for every prospect or client. With our latest release, bringing your brand to life only takes a few clicks!

Your Room, Your Brand 🙌

Instead of our Filo logo in the top left corner of the app, we thought yours would look better!

You can now give your clients a custom landing page experience without all the hassle. Visible on both private and public pages.

Branded Login 🙌

We also removed our own branding from the login screens!

This will help any stakeholder you invite quickly see the invitation is coming from you while still being able to learn about our secure sign in process.

No More Confusing Emails ✉️

Now, every email reminder for tasks, mentions, etc. from Filo matches the same brand experience you provide in the app.

You won't find the Filo purple here either (unless we have the same brand color, and in that case, twins!).

Other features and improvements 🔥

Custom URL Extensions:

Create custom URL extensions for any Filo Room to provide customers with an even more in-depth level of personalization.

Duplicate Room:

Easily duplicate your favorite Rooms to save time with every deal, client, or workshop.


  • Added functionality to edit room title and/or description inline.
  • User avatar displays initials when a photo isn't present.
  • Performance and speed fixes.

As always, if you have any questions or want a personalized walkthrough, reach out to our amazing team at support@filo.co.