December 13, 2022

Filo launches room activity feed

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

Filo digital sales rooms, client portals, and workshops rooms are already a powerful way to save time, stand out, and collaborate.  File sharing, mutual action plans and task tracking, chat and more provide a unique and powerful place to work with your prospects, clients, boards, or other teams.

This is great, but we have heard from some of you that with this much information in a room, you struggle to keep track of what has changed recently or over time.

Not anymore.  With this release we are launching our room activity feed, you will never again miss an important change or update.

Filo launches the industries first activity feed for Digital Sales Rooms and Client Portals.

Filo’s activity feed provides a full, joint history of every meaningful action with a prospect, client, board, or partner.

  • When key members joined or left
  • When meetings occurred
  • When tasks and action items were added, assigned owners or due dates, and when they were completed
  • When files were uploaded or links were shared
  • When key decisions happened or notes from calls were posted

All in a single, chronological, shared feed between everyone involved.

Need to find something specific? Quickly sort and filter and find just the information you are looking for.

The best part, the feed happens automatically as you use the room.  Nothing is needed from your end.  Don’t want the activity feed exposed … no problem, just disable it.

This activity feed is going to not only play a huge role in keeping people updated on the latest information, but will be pivotal in helping bring new stakeholders up to speed … saving time (and deals and customers) in the process.