February 8, 2023

February 2023 Product Release: Filo Pages

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

Replace your boring email follow ups! You'll stand out with any prospect or client and save yourself hours of work.

With the latest release, we're thrilled to finally introduce you to Filo Pages! Now, you can now create no-code, custom landing pages to send prospects or clients to stand out from the first call.

Instead of telling you about it, we thought we'd show you! Just click this link and see the Filo Page we made just for you.

Getting started with Filo Pages is easy and only takes three simple steps:

1) Add Your Logo

Your logo should replace ours. Seriously!

 When you add your logo to Filo, it's visible to all of your prospects in the top left corner for a true private branding experience.

 Once your logo is added, it shows up on any page you create! No need for duplicate work.

2) Personalize for each prospect

Give each prospect their own unique experience without spending hours on personalized journeys. Quickly add:

Header Images: Add images from your prospects brand or upload assets to reflect your potential partnership with them.

Welcome Message: This is a great place to include a personalized greeting, key information, and anything else you'd like the prospect to know.

Resources & More: Bring files to life with card view! Or, you can change to list view if you prefer. Plus, you can add action items, embeds, and more!

3) Create a custom URL extension and send!  

Once your Filo Page is complete, it's time to send it to your prospect!

Click the bright blue icon (see the image above) and enter your prospects email address or copy the link to include in an email. You can preview before you send to see what it will look like on their end.

OPTIONAL: Customize your URL extension for even more personalization.

Other features and improvements:

New Menu Layout

  • We're currently rolling out a new look to the messages, profile, and notifications tab. Instead of taking up space in both the top left and the top right of the page, we've streamlined everything into the top right corner! (Sorry if you enjoyed seeing two of your profile pics in every room.)

Performance fixes

  • We want to give our Engineering team a huge shout out! Not only have they been working hard on every new big feature and product release, they also have done a TON of work to make Filo faster than ever before!

In case you missed it: Check out last month's Private Branding release!

As always, if you have any questions or want a personalized walkthrough, don't hesitate to reach out to our amazing team at support@filo.co.

Rooting for you!