December 13, 2022

Filo releases discussion threads

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

Filo's digital sales rooms and client portals let you share files and links, build mutual action plans, track task ownership and completion, and provide a place to communicate in whatever format you need: live meeting, chat, or now posts.  

Over the last few months, we have had numerous requests to be able to tie these two things together … communication around another object or activity in a room: files, links, tasks, posts, etc.  

You’ve said you want to:

  • Discuss or ask a question about the latest shared proposal or uploaded designs.  
  • Get clarification on a specific action or follow up item.  
  • Provide additional context around a completed task.  
  • Ask follow up questions to a status update or documented decision.

We have heard you and with our latest release, we have made almost every object in Filo collaborative.  

Directly from the tile or activity feed, you can start up new, focused discussion threads around the link, file, task, or post.  

These discussion threads include all of the feature and functionality of Filo chat: reactions, mentions, embedded media, and integrations.

Discussion threads can be started or accessed through both the tile and directly from the activity feed.  On tasks, files, or links just click the settings button and select “comment.”  You can see where existing threads exist and access them with a click.  

That isn’t all.  Directly within the activity feed, any activity on that file, link, task, or post will show comments and provide quick access to discuss the object itself.  

Our new discussion threads will enable a whole new level of collaboration between teams and companies, and we cannot wait for you to use them.