December 13, 2022

Filo releases room posts feature

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

Over the last decade, chat seems to have taken over much of our communications.  I get it … chat is:

  • Easy and well known
  • Fast to send a message
  • Immediate and direct. In fact, it interrupts recipients regardless of what they are doing.

Despite these factors, the most important communication within deals, clients, and partnership still occur over email.  Why?  Well, chat is also noisy, intrusive, and does not distinguish between important messages and giphy’s.  

Incredibly important communications like status updates, decisions, or meeting notes get lost in a large mix of quick questions, banter, and shared pics.  

Digital Sales Rooms and Client Portals Need Better Communication

Effective business communication requires both short and long form messages.

Unfortunately, email threads are disconnected from the rest of the deal, people are regularly left off, and are hard to manage and find later.

Today, I am very excited to announce our solution to this problem: Filo posts.

Now in a Filo room, you can quickly create and send long-form posts.  Simply click “Start a post” from the + menu or the activity feed and then:

  1. Type your message leveraging all the formatting options you are accustomed to expect.  
  2. You can tag the message as a status update, decision, or announcement to give it extra context.  
  3. Finally, configure how you want to notify others: Send a real time alert in Filo, send the post to everyone via email, or simply send it to the activity feed or to an updates tile
  4. Click Post.  

Your message will be sent off to the right people, through the right channel, and saved to the Filo room for reference and commenting later.

No more worry about getting the right contacts, handling unmanageable email threads, and missing important information.

Just another way that Filo rooms save you time while organizing everything for you in one place.

Check it out today.