May 28, 2021

Filo Tap: Powering spontaneous video calls for remote coworkers

Part of working in person as a team is the ease of connecting with someone when you need an answer or want to share a thought. Yes, it can be distracting in excess, but can also be hugely beneficial to keep team cohesion, and keep collaboration flowing.

When teams move to virtual or hybrid workplaces, these impromptu discussions get lost. Conversations get relegated to scheduled meetings, or text-style asynchronous chats. Communication slows down; the meaning gets lost; people are misunderstood; and collaboration is hindered.

How can virtual and distributed teams maintain quick, ad-hoc communication as a part of their daily culture?

Meet Filo Tap. Tap allows Filo users to easily and seamlessly spin up a spontaneous, one-on-one video call via Zoom. This eliminates the need to share video links or scheduling meetings, and makes it easier to simply connect. If you are on the receiving end of a Tap, you are able to reject or send a direct message.

“Spontaneous conversations need to happen, but it is hard to tell when someone is available in a remote work environment. I've found that phone calls are disruptive, Slack messages get lost in the clutter...because of this, these requests never happen, or a meeting gets added to my calendar for days later. We wanted to cut out this friction for the virtual and distributed teams, so we created Filo Tap.” -Matt Compton, Filo Co-Founder & CEO

Tap brings unscripted conversations to life in a virtual workspace leading to better connections. Tap is now available in all virtual events, programs, workshops and team spaces in Filo.

If you are a current customer or user, go Tap someone now!