May 7, 2021

Filo Virtual Sales Hub: Sales Collaboration for a Hybrid World

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

Matt Compton here, co-founder & CEO of  Before Filo, I served as a sales engineer, built a team of strategic selling consultants, founded and sold a software company. I’ve led sales enablement, strategy, and operations teams for global organizations including Salesforce, ExactTarget, and Cheetah Digital. I have organized sales kickoffs and training events all over the world. 

In other words, when it comes to sales, I get it. 2020 was hard for sales because virtual selling meant:

  • No events, client dinners, or happy hours.
  • No pre- or post-meeting relationship building.
  • No board-room workshops. 
  • No reading the room. 
  • Customers facing new and unprecedented challenges. 
  • No in-person sales kickoffs, QBR’s, or training.
  • Reduced internal communication and collaboration.
  • New tools to learn. 
  • More meetings. More email. More chats.

2021 and beyond will be more challenging for sales professionals. Why? Because we are working in and selling to a hybrid world — one in which some buyers work from home, some work in the office, and some are working from the road. 

Filo has spent the last year helping some of the most innovative groups in the world collaborate in unprecedented ways — all remotely.  We helped venture studios start four companies from scratch in a single week, powered virtual offices for 11 startup accelerators in 4 different countries, and hosted demo days for Techstars, 500 Startups, and Berkeley Skydeck.

Now we are using the same software and practices to help revenue teams learn, collaborate, and win. That’s why I’m proud to announce the launch of Filo Virtual Sales Hub, a sales collaboration platform for the hybrid sales generation. 

The engagement tools we have today are built for a mostly in-person selling motion. It’s time for tools that are built for the virtual and hybrid world. With Filo Virtual Sales Hub, you have a single platform on which you can host:  

Sales Meetings

Run annual and quarterly kickoffs that drive connection, energy, and alignment. Turn your sellers into your best instructors using fast deal and story telling sessions. Train your team by easily breaking them down into working collaborative groups. Run QBRs and meetings that give cross functional teams an opportunity to engage.

Field Marketing and Webinars

Turn your webinars and virtual events into opportunities to truly connect people on a personal level. Content doesn’t disappear after the last speaker, networking rooms can be added to extend the networking value your attendees receive, and sellers or attendees can connect 1:1 during or after the event. 

Executive Briefings and Workshops

Collaborate, don’t just pitch. Organize beautiful workshops by leveraging teams on both sides to really identify and solve your prospects needs while also providing executive connection.

An Executive Briefing Center that provides executive connection.

Sales Floors

Bring back the energy of the sales floor.  See activity, demos, and people in real time. Bring back the 2-3 minute debriefs and conversations. Provide your sellers with their own, private offices where they can host meetings, 1:1s, and pitches. Celebrate team wins, and learn from team losses, together.

A virtual sales floor for team alignment and drop-in meetings.

Deal Rooms

Collaborate with your prospects and customers in a whole new way.  Create war rooms for internal teams, or share them directly with prospects for a one stop shop for meetings, communication, and document sharing.

Filo Virtual Sales Hub makes all of these online spaces fast, flexible, and frictionless.  Contact us if you’d like a demo. We love helping sales teams connect, collaborate, and win together.  

I hope you join us on the journey.