November 23, 2021

It’s Time to Focus on the Live Onboarding Experience

The process of onboarding new employees has shifted thanks to the changes in today's workforce. Mimicking workstyles, there are different onboarding styles as well live, asynchronous and blended, which is similar to hybrid. 

In the remote workspace, many HR professionals and onboarding leaders lean towards asynchronous (async) onboarding. With the asynchronous approach, the new employee leads themselves through training by following a checklist of tasks and watching training videos on a Learning Management System (LMS). If any questions arise, the recruit must wait until they meet with a team member or manager to ask. Or they need to wait until someone responds to their chat or email.

However, async onboarding leaves out key elements that happen when in person, when people are naturally connecting in the same general location.

At Filo, we believe that all onboardings should:

  • Inspire with your brand, mission and culture.
  • Align on what you do, how you do it, who you do it for and why it is needed.
  • Enable new hires to get their hands dirty by doing, practicing and receiving feedback.
  • Connect with organizational leaders and new peers to establish relationships.

And these things can be achieved by focusing on the live onboarding aspects.

What is live onboarding?

Live onboarding is the synchronous portion of the onboarding process. These include the meetings with:

  • Managers to go over processes, job priorities, training and 1:1 to discuss concerns and growth opportunities
  • Training facilitators (internal or external) to get top-class training on tools and processes
  • Team members to build connections and align on team goals

Most of these meetings are pre-scheduled and take place in video conferencing tools like Zoom. These live onboarding sessions are essential as they are where connections happen with the broader team.

"I generally like to use the "Flipped Classroom" approach, which means that the learner will learn the information and concepts using eLearning, and then get together live with their fellow new hires and a facilitator (Enablement, Manager, or a Peer) to discuss and debrief. This approach means that the discussion in the live sessions is much more meaningful and it helps the new hire process what they've learned and ask questions."
-Carly Lehner, Head of RevOps & Enablement at Andela

How to enable live onboarding 

Onboarding platform

An onboarding platform is a virtual tool that allows companies to develop and retain talent with collaborative live onboarding & training experiences. The virtual platform enables companies to brand virtual spaces to include documents, access to Zoom meetings, videos and training materials. Having one centralized hub makes it less complicated and time-consuming to track down needed documents and links.

The virtual space also gives a feel for belonging and to ask questions easily or engage with others; all necessary things for a new hire to feel when joining a new organization.

A mockup of live onboarding in Filo.

Purposeful connections

One of the significant components of in-person onboarding is getting to know the team. Those interpersonal moments are critical; however, they are easy to get overlooked in virtual onboarding experiences. Help facilitate 'meet and greet' chats by scheduling purposeful introductions with other employees, like top executives and management. It's essential that these crucial engagements aren't happening asynchronously.

Clear expectations 

The new hires must have a clear understanding of their job responsibilities. Without transparent goals for their role, it will be hard for the latest team member to move in the right direction after completing orientation.

Remember, your staff is more likely to invest in a company if they feel aligned with the organization, which starts by understanding it. Showcasing the company culture during the employee onboarding process is indispensable. 

Providing virtual onboarding experiences that are not only organized and efficient but that your employees love is paramount. For more virtual onboarding tactics, download our guide here. Reach out to us for help creating a virtual onboarding space that drives real impact.