September 7, 2021

Fundamentals for an Immersive Virtual Sales Kickoff [Agenda Included]

It is officially sales kickoff (SKO) planning season. Many organizations continue to plan for virtual kickoffs, not only because of the continued travel uncertainty but because virtual SKOs can be even more impactful than in person. Virtual SKOs also increase time with prospects and customers and do so at a greatly reduced cost.

Creating a digital-first experience is still a relatively new concept for many sales event planners. With the primary goal of inspiring, aligning and preparing the team at the forefront, be sure to create an influential virtual sales kickoff agenda.

(Looking for more strategies to design a virtual kickoff that drives connection, camaraderie and impact? Check out our guide on 5 Strategies for a High-Impact Virtual Sales Kickoff.)

If you're looking for help developing the virtual agenda, we've got it covered with our tips and sample agenda. Keep reading to get started.

Virtual Sales Kickoff Agenda Fundamentals

Before we give you sample agendas, we want to lay down some basics to keep in mind while planning. 

  • Schedule Appropriate Session Durations: If your kickoff is over multiple days, 3 to 4-hours a day is a sweet spot. After four hours, people generally lose energy and interest, especially when just watching a screen. An hour is not enough time to discuss strategy and motivate your team; it feels more like a meeting.
  • Plan Engaging Content & Presenters: To keep the time with your sales team fresh, have a solid mix of livestreams, peer breakouts and team collaboration. Don't rely solely on livestream or a highly produced virtual experience. Filo is a platform that brings both of these concepts together for an engaging event. Don't just talk at people; make sure they can speak with each other. Provide spaces for people to meet and discuss in smaller groups.
  • Utilize Breakout Sessions: Use breakout sessions to help with the monotony of one main room/screen. The breakout sessions are a great way to concentrate on more specialized areas and skills. Breakout sessions should be between 30-50 minutes long and cover: new initiatives, education and certification, product launches, feature customer speakers, practice pitches and build a connection with the team.
  • Continue momentum: New practices, goals and alignment shouldn't happen just once a year. Consider holding mini kickoffs at the start of each quarter.

Agenda Suggestions

If you need agenda inspiration, below we have suggested timeframes for a three-day kickoff and half-day agenda for quarterly a quarterly kickoff. 

3-day Sales Kickoff Agenda

Day 1: Inspiration

  • Opening Keynote (1.5 hours)
  • Breakout 1 (45 minutes)
  • Storytelling session 1 (45 minutes)
  • Guest Speaker & Close (1 hour)

Day 2: Education

  • Opening regarding education outcomes (45 minutes)
  • Certification & Practice Session (1.5 hours)
  • Storytelling Session 2 (45 minutes)
  • Guest Speaker & Close (45 minutes)

Day 3: Team Day

  • Opening Regional Keynote (45 minutes)
  • Team Sessions (1.5 hours)
  • Fun Networking Opportunity (30 minutes)
  • Closing & Celebration Awards Ceremony (45 minutes)

Half-day Quarterly Kickoff Agenda

4-hour session:

  • Quarter Performance Review & Update (1 hour)
  • Product & Marketing Updates (45 minutes)
  • Storytelling Session (45 minutes)
  • Closing & Look Ahead (45 minutes)

Skill up your team with an unforgettable sales kickoff. Download our sales kickoff guide for a high-impact kickoff.