November 3, 2021

How to Ensure Your Kickoff Keynote Speaker Exceeds Your Expectations

You finally have your keynote speaker confirmed for your upcoming company kickoff event. After finding the keynote speaker, you understand how important it is to prep the speaker even before signing an agreement.

Now that you and the keynote speaker are on the same page, how do you guarantee that your expectations for pulling the event's theme are met? It's imperative to integrate the theme through all sessions of the kickoff event, whether it's an 8-hour event, two days or five days.

A good speaker should ask questions to pull themes and essential information from the client when discussing the commitment. However, it is still important to feed the below information to the speaker proactively.

Be clear on the theme

From the jump, it is key that you and your planning team are confident in the theme. Locking in the theme makes everything easier for you as you pass the information to the kickoff's keynote. 

The sales kickoff theme could be:

  • Get 'er Done
  • Level Up
  • Win the Day
  • Together We Can

No matter what the kickoff theme is, you want to ensure that the speaker ties the theme into whatever they are talking about during their portion of the mainstage.

Identify strategic initiatives

Sales kickoffs are designed to align and inspire the sales team for the upcoming year. The key strategic initiatives must be identified early on in the planning process. Equipping the keynote speaker with these significant initiatives will up level their talk. If you have a big product launch happening at some point in the year, give the keynote the specifics. A good speaker will weave in those company strategies in their speech.

This will be delightful for your audience to hear as it shows that the speakers know what they're talking about. It shows that the keynote did their homework and truly cares about the team they are presenting to. The team should feel good that their leadership took the time to prepare the speaker. This also proves to your team that you took planning the kickoff event seriously by setting the keynote speaker up for success.

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